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 (lôn′də-rĕt′, län′-)
A self-service laundry.


(ˌlɔːndəˈrɛt; lɔːnˈdrɛt)
Brit and NZ a commercial establishment where clothes can be washed and dried, using coin-operated machines. Also called (US, Canadian, and NZ): Laundromat


(ˌlɔn dəˈrɛt, ˌlɑn-)

also laun•drette


a self-service laundry.
[1945–50; formerly a trademark]
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Noun1.launderette - a self-service laundry (service mark Laundromat) where coin-operated washing machines are available to individual customerslaunderette - a self-service laundry (service mark Laundromat) where coin-operated washing machines are available to individual customers
laundry - workplace where clothes are washed and ironed
praonica rublja
ekspresna pralnica
cửa hàng giặt ủi tự động


[ˌlɔːndəˈret] Nlavandería f automática


launderette® [ˌlɔːndəˈrɛt] n (mainly British)laverie f (automatique)


, laundrette
n (Brit) → Waschsalon m


laundrette [ˌlɔːndˈrɛt] laun£dro£mat [ˈlɔːndrəˌmæt] (Am) nlavanderia (automatica)


لاندريت® prádelna møntvaskeri Waschsalon πλυντήριο σελφ σέρβις lavandería automática itsepalvelupesula laverie praonica rublja lavanderia a gettoni コインランドリー 빨래방 wasserette automatvaskeri pralnia samoobsługowa lavandaria automática, lavanderia automática прачечная самообслуживания Launderette® tvätteri ร้านซักผ้าด้วยเครื่องโดยใช้เหรียญหยอด çamaşırhane cửa hàng giặt ủi tự động 自动洗衣店
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A FORMER village launderette in Wrexham could soon be turned into three new apartments.
T might look like any other launderette, but there's something special about this welcoming little shop in Longsight.
This is the chilling 999 call a woman made to police moments beforeSean McHughwas fatally stabbed in the Liver Launderette.
And fed-up launderette owner Louise O'Hare says her video tour of Billingham's West Precinct shows the rundown conditions she tried to operate in before reluctantly throwing in the towel in March.
There will also be a Hub building with an events hall, music practice rooms, performance practice room, dance studio, launderette, faith room and a multi-use games area (MUGA).
Work is under way to create Kitty's Launderette, named in memory and honour of the pioneering 19th-century health campaigner - aka Saint Kitty, or The Saint of The Slums - who opened the world's first public wash house in Liverpool, in 1832.
The first offering from the company is Launderette, an on-demand, premium-quality service, making laundry maintenance a delight.
THE owner of the launderette where Anthony Joshua has an open tab of about PS120 has said the boxer has a "heart of gold".
Industry spokesman Bruce Herring fears the number will dwindle yet further and is backing a Lib Dem campaign to protect launderettes. Mr Herring, chairman of the National Association of the Launderette Industry, said: "We don't want to see them disappear from the High Street.
Still to come on Saturday evening though is an intimate concert: the Durham Gathering Launderette Sessions with Eliza Carthy and Saul Rose with Sarah Hayes.
And the very first accredited launderette - Boundary community launderette in East London.