laundry truck

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Noun1.laundry truck - van that picks up and delivers laundrylaundry truck - van that picks up and delivers laundry; "a laundry truck stops by every week"
van - a truck with an enclosed cargo space
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On a distinctly retro note is the Vintage Mobile Disco, a diminutive, artisan sound system, lovingly assembled within a rickety old laundry truck, with an ethos that is very much back to basics: all music is on 7in vinyl only and has to have been recorded at least 30 years ago.
Now 56, he had successfully eluded authorities since escaping from prison in 2001 in a laundry truck.
The Mexican, six years after escaping a high-security Mexican prison by being smuggled out in a laundry truck, married an 18-year-old Emma, whom he helped win a pageant at a local fair in the neighboring state of Durango, in 2007.
Some of the most popular include Sherlock diving into a passing laundry truck or fooling doctors by placing a squash ball under his armpit which can make it seem like his pulse stopped.
It takes serious planning, but it's worth it, shares John Cummins, general manager of residential dining for Parkhurst Dining, who brainstormed The Flying Bison food truck at Bucknell University (Pa.) for more than two years before the converted laundry truck became operational this spring.
It was 1982 when Donna, then 25, came to Homer with her then-boyfriend in a 10-year-old laundry truck with $43, their dog named Red, a vision of adventure and a trailer full of supplies for a working soup-and-bread kitchen.