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Noun1.laurel family - a family of Lauraceae
magnoliid dicot family - family of dicotyledonous flowering plants regarded as among the most primitive of extant angiosperms
order Ranales, order Ranunculales, Ranales, Ranunculales - herbs, shrubs and trees: includes families Ranunculaceae; Annonaceae; Berberidaceae; Magnoliaceae; Menispermaceae; Myristicaceae; Nymphaeaceae; Lardizabalaceae; Lauraceae; Calycanthaceae; Ceratophyllaceae; Cercidiphyllaceae
laurel - any of various aromatic trees of the laurel family
genus Laurus, Laurus - small evergreen trees or shrubs with aromatic leaves
Cinnamomum, genus Cinnamomum - Asiatic and Australian aromatic trees and shrubs
genus Lindera, Lindera - aromatic evergreen or deciduous dioecious shrubs or trees of eastern Asia and North America
genus Benzoin, Benzoin - used in some classifications for the American spicebush and certain other plants often included in the genus Lindera
genus Persea, Persea - avocado
genus Sassafras - a genus of sassafras
genus Umbellularia, Umbellularia - aromatic evergreen trees of Pacific coast
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He has had long years of business and personal dealings with the top members of Japanese society and, the Laurel family has a long historic tradition of close ties with the Japanese people.
THE prominent Laurel family members will gather in full force for the 90th birth anniversary of their late patriarch, Dr.
We espied members of the Laurel family in the audience up front, including Franco, brother of the actress who was singing and emoting on stage.
| There has also been an excursion on the island of La Gomera to a cloud forest - a landscape dominated by the laurel family and tree heathers.
On Saturday, members of the Laurel family led by late vice president Salvador Laurel's widow, Celia Diaz-Laurel, visited Mrs.