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Noun1.laurelwood - tropical American tree; valued for its hard durable wood
Calophyllum, genus Calophyllum - genus of tropical evergreen trees
tree - a tall perennial woody plant having a main trunk and branches forming a distinct elevated crown; includes both gymnosperms and angiosperms
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20-21 at Laurelwood Golf Course, which will sport a new set of championship tees.
Brewmaster and founder, Chad Kennedy, used to work as a brewmaster at Laurelwood Brewing Company.
This years' brewers include Amnesia Brewing, Deschutes Brewery, Double Mountain Brewery, Pfriem Family Brewers, Laurelwood Brewing, and Logsdon Ales.
This is the second year in which Laurelwood Brewing has collaborated with Portland Roasting Coffee Company to create Organic Portland Roast Espresso Stout.
With this latest addition, the Portland Airport now offers more craft beer than any other airport in the world, also playing home to local craft beer purveyors including Laurelwood Public House & Brewery, Stanford's, Pizzicato, Gustav's and Rose City Cafe.
237 Laurelwood Avenue, Placentia, CA 92870 (author)
Borthers Edward Thompson, 62, of Laurelwood Gardens, Lobley Hill, and David, 49, of Coatsworth Road, Benton, were thrilled with the new signing, but thought the team still had weaknesses.
Driver Alan Slater, 36, of Laurelwood Gardens, Lobley Hill, Gateshead, was pronounced dead in hospital after Saturday night's accident.
Vishay Siliconix, 2201 Laurelwood Rd., Santa Clara, CA 95054: (619) 336-0860;;
Vernon, N.Y.-based Lutheran ministry, Carpenter was assistant executive director of CareMatrix's Chancellor Park at Laurelwood in Ridgefleld, Conn.
McLaughlin, NO, Medical Director, Laurelwood Hospital, 35900 Euclid Ave., Willoughby, Ohio 44094.