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tr.v. lau·tered, lau·ter·ing, lau·ters
To drain the wort from (the spent grain of a mash) in brewing.

[From German läuter- (as in Läuterbottich, tub for lautering), stem of läutern, to purify, lauter (from Middle High German liutern, from Old High German hlūttaren, from hlūttar, clear; akin to Greek kluzein, to wash away, rinse out, and Latin cloāca, drain, sewer), and perhaps partly also from German lauter, clear (from Middle High German lūter, from Old High German hlūttar).]
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Reynolds leads a cast that includes Eddie Albert, Ed Lauter, Bernadette Peters and Green Bay Packers legend Ray Nitschke in the beloved comedy about prisoners challenging their guards to a game of football.
Seeing Mimi Lauter's work for the first time brought home to me how rare it is to see contemporary painting whose substance is rich and full-bodied but possibly inchoate, rather than style, topicality, or an arm's-length commentary on art history.
Lauter, "Private genome analysis through homomorphic encryption," BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making, vol.
Larraine Lauter, Water With Blessings has trained more than 46,000 women, primarily mothers with young children, in using filters to produce and share clean water.
Written by David Lauter and Del Quentin Wilber and dated November 6, the article presents the accusations of "many prominent Democrats " as the established truth, saying:
Wednesday DEATH WISH 3 ITV4, 10PM Part three of the action thriller franchise, starring Charles Bronson, Deborah Raffin, Ed Lauter and Martin Balsam.
The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), historically dedicated to combatting anti-semitism, also has hands in voter protection, police training and broader civil rights issues, according to Deborah Lauter, senior vice president for policy and programs.
Fellows will be examined by a group of prestigious journalists, including Wolf Blitzer, Linda Feldmann, Martin Fletcher, Glenn Frankel, Bill Kovach, David Lauter, Charles Lewis, Clarence Page, Robert Siegel, Paul Steiger, Lynn Sweet and David Wessel.
On the one hand, if you're good--and the late Ed Lauter was one of American cinema's great character actors --you work all the time.
Featured musicians are Ron Esposito, crystal bowls; Audrey Causilla, chant & piano; Jim Feist, tabla; Vivian Hurley, gongs; Roxana Imam, clarinet; Shari Lauter, piano; Baoku Moses, Nigerian drumming & chant; Johnny Ruzsa, flutes; Janice T.
Presentant le Prix a Son Altesse Royale, au nom des etudiants, personnel et dirigeants du prestigieux institut Kivunim, la co-presidente de la conference des laureats de cet institut, Eliana Lauter, a rappele que Feu Sa Majeste le Roi Mohammed V s'etait eleve contre le gouvernement de Vichy, en clamant sa [beaucoup moins que]ferme opposition[beaucoup plus grand que] a toute segregation entre ses sujets, quelles que soient leurs religions.