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1. also la·val·lière (lä′vä-lyâr′) A pendant worn on a chain around the neck.
2. A small microphone that is worn around the neck.

[French lavallière, type of necktie with a large knot, after Françoise Louise de la Baume Le Blanc, Duchesse de La Vallière (1644-1710), lover of Louis XIV.]
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or la•val•lière

(ˌlæv əˈlɪər, ˌlɑ və-)

an ornamental pendant, usu. jeweled, worn on a chain around the neck.
[1915–20; after the Duchesse de La Vallière (1644–1710), a mistress of Louis XIV]
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Noun1.lavaliere - jeweled pendant worn on a chain around the neck
pendant, pendent - an adornment that hangs from a piece of jewelry (necklace or earring)
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Although I used a lavaliere microphone, some reverb crept into the audio, which we'll remove with a new Audition effect.
Raymond will purchase a Padcaster, lavaliere, boom and stick microphones, a fluid head tripod and Padcaster dolly wheels for all-in-one mobile film production.
Having a cordless lavaliere microphone is useful for capturing less audible conversations from student-teacher interactions as the teacher circulates through the classroom or even positioning the microphone on a student desk during pair work or group discussions.
The TA5M mic/line input found on the DBa digital wireless belt pack transmitter accepts all lavaliere and head-worn microphones wired for Lectrosonics servo-input transmitters.
For better audio, consider investing in a good-quality lavaliere microphone that's compatible with smartphones."
Audio for the film required extra attention as the majority of the production sound was recorded with lavaliere microphones, which are sensitive and prone to picking up background and clothing noise.
Faculty are now finessing delivery and the program is considering adding lavaliere microphones to assist with movement in the classroom.
For example, one local school system I work in recently installed small amplifiers in the ceiling of every classroom and armed teachers with lavaliere microphones because the company selling the equipment cited research saying that these sound systems lead to higher test scores.
The bride wore a French antique quartz and diamond lavaliere. Her hand-tied bouquet featured two handkerchiefs.
It is mostly the latter grouping whose words Riegle gathered with an MP3 recorder with a lavaliere mike.
The only additional equipment you might consider is a separate lavaliere or lapel microphone ($100-$200) for clearer audio.