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A thin unleavened flatbread of Armenian origin.

[Ultimately (partly via Persian lavaš Turkish lavaş) from Armenian lavaš, variant of loš, from medieval Armenian lawš; perhaps from Armenian *law-, flat (compare modern Armenian dialectal lavaz, very thin) + -aš, noun suffix, or perhaps of Semitic origin and akin to Syriac layšā, lump of dough (from lāš, to knead; akin to Akkadian lâšu, Ge'ez losa, and Hebrew lāš, to knead).]
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a soft and very thin flatbread of Armenian origin
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1/2 cup each sliced red onion and cooked peas 4 sheets lavash *
I begin to leave, looking forward to our delicious and well-priced lunch at Father Nature's Lavash Wraps, when Jen cries out, shocked: "What are you doing?!
But first I fill up on koubideh--grilled, seasoned beef and lamb wrapped in soft lavash with basil and parsley.
Today, you're as likely to find lavash as French bread in Fresno markets.
A simple goat-cheese salad is elevated with marinated figs, lavash crisps, and a Japanese-style yuzu hazelnut dressing.
President of the National Culinary Association, the head of the National Culinary Center Tahir Amiraslanov stressed that the state pays special attention and care to the development of national culinary, thanks to which Azerbaijan'sdolma and lavash are included in UNESCO World Heritage List.
11 out of 15 patients were found to dine in the same fast food restaurant called "Oq Tepa Lavash."
With every menu item a famous masterpiece in its own right, guests can indulge in an array of dishes by former show winners, including Venison loin rubbed with chilli and coffee created by MasterChef US 2016 Champion Shaun O'Neale, Seabass fillet baked in lavash bread by MasterChef UK 2017 champion Saliha Mahmood Ahmed, and Rolled mushroom gnocchi by MasterChef Australia 2014 finalist Laura Cassai.
This dish is basically a crispy Lavash basket thrown in with some chaat and cheese flavours and is best served as an accompaniment to most charcoal fare.