law offender

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: offender - someone who violates the lawlaw offender - someone who violates the law  
criminal, crook, felon, malefactor, outlaw - someone who has committed a crime or has been legally convicted of a crime
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In order to legally do a more extensive search, the law enforcers must have probable cause to believe that the occupant is a law offender or that there is some kind of instrument or evidence pertaining to a crime in the vehicle to be searched.
Since we are now into the no-contact apprehension policy anyway, why not also include the 12 Demerits system on top of the system of mailing to the law offender on traffic violations?
There are also instances of jail mates killing another inmate accused of blasphemy because they feel it is their duty to do so, despite being a law offender themselves.
Criminal Law Offender Status Clerical Error Plain Error Review Where a sentencing court committed a clerical error by classifying a defendant as a prior and persistent offender on the judgment and sentence form, it is not necessary to show plain error to obtain a remedy, and the judgment and form must be corrected to remove the classifications.
He said that the appropriate place for the law offender is jail not PM House.
class="MsoNormalMr Haji acknowledged that the vehicle belongs to his office and promised to inform the public on the progress of the case that will be filed against the traffic law offender. class="MsoNormalEven though the rogue driver stopped, he just looked at the damage he had caused to Ms Gaitho's car and left without a care.
Contrary to the statement he filed in opposition to the prosecutors' appeal-that he had 'always been respectful of the Honorable Court and its processes'-Reyes' history of faking his passport, jumping bail and living the life of a fugitive for three years makes him not only a certified flight risk, but also an egregious law offender. 'He defied the directives of the Honorable Court and violated the terms of his provisional liberty' when he fled to Thailand in 2012, the prosecutors pointed out.
Yousef toured Cairo streets, ordering prompt removal of illegally-placed barricades and structures and arrest of law violators."Police will deal firmly with any law offender or any person who may use guns against the innocent or the police," he said in remarks during the tour, witnessed by the KUNA journalist.He assured citizens that law and order would soon be restored to all the Cairo districts.Meanwhile, the US ambassador to Egypt, Anna Patterson, visited Jamal Abdul Nasser School in Giza, currently transformed into headquarters of an electoral commission (polling station).
Needless to say, the use of a gun to control a violent but unarmed law offender is patently illegal.
Patrona said the campaign was focused on motorcycles that criminals and law offenders regularly used as a getaway vehicle after committing crimes.
The traffic law offenders were caught by the high-tech cameras spread on various roads of the Capital.
Her campaign was a pure progressive one as she accused Stamos of excessive prosecution, of filling the jails with minor drug law offenders, and of resorting to the overuse of bail, so that many poor offenders were forced into jail while awaiting trial.