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Noun1.lawn chair - chair left outside for use on a lawn or in a gardenlawn chair - chair left outside for use on a lawn or in a garden
chair - a seat for one person, with a support for the back; "he put his coat over the back of the chair and sat down"
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Missy Funk, event organizer, invites the public to "grab a lawn chair and bring friends and family to hear speakers on workers' rights and participate in an open mic discussion."
Attached was two photos of him reading on a lawn chair.
Their creation was a reclining lawn chair with a hinged seat that slid forward as the back tilted backward, following the contours of the body whether sitting or lounging.
The first thing you'd think of would be to take a lawn chair, attach over 100 helium balloons to it and see if you could take off and land at said festival, right?
The public is invited to bring a lawn chair and an appetite, rain or shine, for an evening of worship followed by s'mores and fellowship.
It was a cool day, so I pulled my lawn chair up close to the nearby dryer exhaust vent.
The Polish tennis star's shoot, in which she can be seen sitting naked in a lawn chair by a pool filled with tennis balls, saw her dropped by a Catholic youth movement, calling her behaviour immoral.
With friends again, road-tired but comfortable in a lawn chair, I say
Bundle up, lie back in a sleeping bag in a reclining lawn chair, watch the sky, and be patient.
We found a few examples of spontaneous NMG: an "N" in a lawn chair, an "M" in a lamp, and a "G" in a twirly vine.
Two men have lifted-off in an attempt to break the world record for the longest "lawn chair" balloon flight.
Get warm and comfortable: If it's not too cold, settle into a lawn chair with a blanket.