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  1. A certain criminal lawyer, like a trapeze performer, is seldom more than one step from an awful fate —Paul O’Neil, Life, June 22, 1959
  2. A countryman between two lawyers is like a fish between two cats —Benjamin Franklin
  3. The glory of lawyers, like that of men of science, is more corporate than individual —Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., April 15, 1890
  4. If you would wax thin and savage, like a half-fed spider, be a lawyer —Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

    Holmes senior gave up the law for a career in medicine and literature. His son, on the other hand, enjoyed a distinguished legal career culminated by his appointment to the Supreme Court.

  5. A lawyer’s face always gives warning of an ambush. Like a blockhouse. Used to conceal the artillery —Joyce Cary
  6. A lawyer awaiting a decision in a big case is like a murderer waiting for the jury to come out —Robert Traver

    In the novel, Laughing Whitefish, this continues in both, wistful hope mingles inevitably with gloom and foreboding.

  7. A lawyer deep in his case is like a man fallen in love. Whether shaving or bathing or plain old-fashioned knaving, in bed or out, always and forever he is obsessed by his goddam case —Robert Traver

    A variation of this from People Versus Kirk also appears in Traver’s best known novel, Anatomy of a Murder.

  8. A lawyer lacking a flock of law books is like a carpenter run out of nails —Robert Traver
  9. A lawyer preparing for the trial of a difficult and complex case … is like a man consulting a dictionary who winds up chasing everything but the word he needs —Robert Traver
  10. Lawyers are just like physicians: what one says, the other contradicts —Sholom Aleichem
  11. Lawyers, like bread, are best when they are young and new —Thomas Fuller
  12. Lawyers on opposite sides of a case are like the two parts of shears; they cut what comes between them, but not each other —Daniel Webster
  13. Like most corporate attorneys, he sat squarely on the fence with both ears to the ground —Anon
  14. Years of practice had made them sensitive to every whimsy of emotion and taught them how to play upon the psychology of the jury as the careless zephyr softly draws its melody from the aeolian harp —Arthur Train
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In the new public law courts he disliked the restrictions laid on the lawyers conducting cases.
Round the corner from the by-street, there was a square of ancient, handsome houses, now for the most part decayed from their high estate and let in flats and chambers to all sorts and conditions of men; map-engravers, architects, shady lawyers and the agents of obscure enterprises.
"It is a maxim among these lawyers that whatever has been done before, may legally be done again: and therefore they take special care to record all the decisions formerly made against common justice, and the general reason of mankind.
And so it happened that, as the crude little model of Bell's original telephone lay in the Patent Office open and unprotected except by a few phrases that clever lawyers might evade, there sprang up inevitably around it the most costly and persistent Patent War that any country has ever known, continuing for eleven years and comprising SIX HUNDRED LAWSUITS.
The lawyer produced a roll of parchment from his bag.
The next day Sir Joseph Graybrooke, Sir Joseph's lawyer, Mr.
Assisted by Agnes, she told the lawyer the little that was known relating to Ferrari's disappearance, and then produced the correspondence connected with that event.
"You are exposing yourself to a grave danger," said a Lawyer.
The second, by his decent black garb and white wig, I correctly took to be a lawyer. The third was a servant, and wore some part of his clothes in tartan, which showed that his master was of a Highland family, and either an outlaw or else in singular good odour with the Government, since the wearing of tartan was against the Act.
"Has all your long experience as a lawyer not hardened you yet?"
'I ask your pardons, Governors,' replied the ghost, in a hoarse double-barrelled whisper, 'but might either on you be Lawyer Lightwood?'
Elzbieta had firmly fixed in her mind the last solemn warning of Jurgis: "If there is anything wrong, do not give him the money, but go out and get a lawyer." It was an agonizing moment, but she sat in the chair, her hands clenched like death, and made a fearful effort, summoning all her powers, and gasped out her purpose.