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adj. lax·er, lax·est
1. Lacking in rigor, strictness, or firmness. See Synonyms at negligent.
2. Not taut, firm, or compact; slack. See Synonyms at loose.
3. Loose and not easily retained or controlled. Used of bowel movements.
4. Linguistics Pronounced with the muscles of the tongue and jaw relatively relaxed, as the vowel (ĕ) in let.

[Middle English, from Latin laxus, loose, lax; see slēg- in Indo-European roots.]

lax·a′tion n.
lax′ly adv.
lax′ness n.




1. the act of making lax or the state of being lax
2. (Physiology) physiol defecation
[C14: from Latin laxātio, from laxāre to slacken]


(lækˈseɪ ʃən)

1. a loosening or relaxing.
2. the state of being loosened or relaxed.
[1350–1400; Middle English < Latin laxātiō loosening]
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Noun1.laxation - the elimination of fecal waste through the anuslaxation - the elimination of fecal waste through the anus
bowel movement, bm, movement - a euphemism for defecation; "he had a bowel movement"
excreting, excretion, voiding, elimination, evacuation - the bodily process of discharging waste matter
haematochezia, hematochezia - passage of stools containing blood (as from diverticulosis or colon cancer or peptic ulcer)
dump - a coarse term for defecation; "he took a shit"
urochesia, urochezia - passage of urine from the anus
2.laxation - the act of making something less tight
unfastening, untying, undoing - loosening the ties that fasten something; "the tying of bow ties is an art; the untying is easy"
modification, adjustment, alteration - the act of making something different (as e.g. the size of a garment)
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Fibers help in laxation and promote satiety, which may reduce the ingested energy amount and; therefore, the risk of obesity.
In one research study involving adults, methylnaltrexone injection elicited laxation within 4 hours for 48% of patients with OIC in advanced illness (Johnson & Argoff, 2015).
Some traditional carriers are pushing for laxation of rules and momentum exists for creating regulatory sandboxes for new companies and distributors.
Inulin, the 100% natural prebiotic soluble fiber in Fiber Choice, has been studied extensively and has been shown to support laxation and overall digestive health as well as glycemic control, lowered cholesterol, improved cardiovascular health, weight control as well as better calcium absorption.
Castor oil induces laxation and uterus contraction via ricinoleic acid activating prostaglandin EP3 receptors.
It is clear that the lazy society is suffering from lethargy, laxation and somnolence, does not regarding the discipline of thought and the consumption of goods.
Health benefits of dietary fiber including promoting laxation, attenuating blood cholesterol and glucose, and preventing certain cancers have been extensively studied by many human and animal studies.
In the present case, we considered that AARF was a result of trauma; however, the patient had a chronic sinus problem with nasal discharge, so laxation of the transverse ligament and the odontoid destruction caused by chronic inflammation might have influenced the delay and recurrence of AARF.
The EFSA also recommended dietary fibre intakes of 25 g per day to be adequate for normal laxation in adults.
"Insoluble, intrinsic fibers that are not fermentable, such as those found in the pericarps of many grains, generally contribute to bulking of the stools and promote laxation and regularity.