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adj. lax·er, lax·est
1. Lacking in rigor, strictness, or firmness. See Synonyms at negligent.
2. Not taut, firm, or compact; slack. See Synonyms at loose.
3. Loose and not easily retained or controlled. Used of bowel movements.
4. Linguistics Pronounced with the muscles of the tongue and jaw relatively relaxed, as the vowel (ĕ) in let.

[Middle English, from Latin laxus, loose, lax; see slēg- in Indo-European roots.]

lax·a′tion n.
lax′ly adv.
lax′ness n.


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Adv.1.laxly - in a permissively lenient manner; "he felt incensed that Tarrant should have been treated so leniently given his crime"
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In view of the future or possible, we should live quite laxly and undefined in front, our outlines dim and misty on that side; as our shadows reveal an insensible perspiration toward the sun.
Other causes for the low value added employment have been weak staff control systems, the authorisation of new recruitment outside budget frameworks, and laxly applied staff performance assessment systems, in addition to absenteeism, and the difficulty under civil service rules of disciplining and ultimately terminating poorly performing staff.
First, designers can claim their designs broadly without fear they will be denied a design patent on novelty or nonobviousness grounds because those protectability thresholds are enforced laxly, if at all.
They had been the masters of their own downfall, defending set pieces laxly, allowing England's star striker Harry Kane to score twice.
indica describes plants that are relatively tall, laxly branched, with narrow leaflets.
In contrast, missing a payment signals that the borrower feels he or she can approach his or her responsibilities to the manager more laxly. When borrowers miss payments, it suggests the manager lacks the ability to secure compliance and therefore lacks authority.
Republicans would effectively repeal the individual mandate, as well as the laxly enforced employer mandate.
Safe Harbor allowed companies to store data on more laxly regulated US servers so long as they said the data complied with the EU's rules -- such as deleting data after a certain amount of time.
need for industry expansion, the already laxly enforced laws and
Nawaz has like-words for those who would point laxly to the so-called root causes of ideologically motivated violence: "The grievance narrative that pins the blame on foreign policy is only half the story.