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Noun1.lay witness - any witness who does not testify as an expert witnesslay witness - any witness who does not testify as an expert witness
witness - (law) a person who testifies under oath in a court of law
expert witness - a witness who has knowledge not normally possessed by the average person concerning the topic that he is to testify about
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A holy lay witness includes those who protested at the U.S.
This type of stereotyping of parties or witnesses may occur in other settings: Will a juror tend to believe a doctor over a lay witness, or be skeptical of a person claiming injury, or be reluctant to award damages to compensate for a death?
The team also presented testimony from a lay witness who saw the man moving and breathing at the scene of the crash, the attorney said.
'She is not a lay witness. As an advocate of the High Court, who is an officer of the court, she is under obligation to observe the duty of candour and avoid misconduct and commission of the offence of perjury.'
Baumann contends her trial counsel was ineffective by: (1) both failing to object to and also introducing at trial improper vouching evidence from investigating law enforcement officers; (2) failing to object to both an expert report and expert testimony that improperly relied on a lay witness's statement; (3) failing to object to a testifying officer's inadmissible statement that Baumann was the driver of the vehicle; and (4) failing to object to evidence that victim Nicole obtained money through a civil lawsuit.
This afternoon Central Park will lay witness to the Blue Brazil's latest attempt at the great escape for the second consecutive season.
WPTJ-FM 90.7 in Paris, Ky., is being acquired by Somerset Educational Broadcasting Foundation from Lay Witness Broadcasting.
Lee demonstrates a closely related failure of gatekeeping that occurs when the witness is qualified as an expert in one area but gives evidence beyond that topic as a lay witness. (53)
Expert and lay witness testimony is often presented at trial by written statement, affidavit or report.
I've just lay witness to my first supernatural experience and I'm elated, not scared.
smiles, I lay witness, hand her the towel and lie down on the floor.