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1. A payment plan in which a buyer reserves an article of merchandise by placing a deposit with the retailer until the balance is paid in full: bought a suit on layaway.
2. An article reserved under such a plan.
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General admission three-day passes will cost $399 (Dh1,465), the same as they have in recent years, and again will be available through the festival's layaway plan for those who don't wish to pay the full amount up front.
PayPal and other online payment services will make up 14 percent of spending with personal checks and layaway both at 3 percent, the survey indicated.
There may be some differences in how each state treats layaway items.
After she and her husband, Terrence Swift, sold their house and moved into an apartment, lleaa Swift had a business flash: not a financing plan, but rather a sort of travel layaway, a plan to let clients make a small down payment and then pay in installments to lock in great advance travel deals without paying the full amount upfront.
A New Jersey man known only as Charlie K gave dozens of people an early Christmas surprise when he walked into a Toys "R" Us in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, on Black Friday and paid off all the layaway orders, totaling $10,780.
Worried Teesside shoppers clamoured to collect their "layaway" toys from the struggling retailer.
The layaway programme Take Time to Pay allows families to fill up a trolley with whatever they want and spread the cost between now and the big day.
The Flavorus platform offers box office functionality, RFID and magnetic card ticketing, private label ticketing, reserved seating, analytics, layaway and payment plans, social media integration, fraud detection and prevention, and multi-use ticketing.
Walmart's Christmas layaway program has been on since August.
AUBURN -- A generous Secret Santa paid off all layaway balances at a local Toys R Us store on Friday.
Building the science from the bottom up, the filmmakers use nifty animation to show how a shot whips the immune system into action, putting memory cells on layaway in case the real disease shows up.