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1. A place where merchandise is offered for sale; a shop.
2. A stock or supply reserved for future use: a squirrel's store of acorns.
3. stores Supplies, especially of food, clothing, or arms.
4. A place where commodities are kept; a warehouse or storehouse.
5. A great quantity or number; an abundance.
tr.v. stored, stor·ing, stores
1. To reserve or put away for future use.
2. To fill, supply, or stock.
3. To deposit or receive in a storehouse or warehouse for safekeeping.
4. Computers To copy (data) into memory or onto a storage device, such as a hard disk.
in store
1. Forthcoming: great trouble in store for her.
2. In reserve; stored.

[Middle English stor, supply, from Old French estor, from estorer, to build, from Latin īnstaurāre, to restore; see stā- in Indo-European roots.]

stor′a·ble adj.
stor′er n.
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1. (tr) to keep, set aside, or accumulate for future use
2. (Commerce) (tr) to place in a warehouse, depository, etc, for safekeeping
3. (tr) to supply, provide, or stock
4. (Commerce) (intr) to be put into storage
5. (Computer Science) computing (tr) to enter or retain (information) in a storage device
6. (Commerce)
a. an establishment for the retail sale of goods and services
b. (in combination): storefront.
a. a large supply or stock kept for future use
b. (as modifier): store ship.
8. (Commerce) short for department store
9. (Commerce)
a. a storage place such as a warehouse or depository
b. (in combination): storeman.
10. the state of being stored (esp in the phrase in store)
11. a large amount or quantity
12. (Computer Science) computing chiefly Brit another name for memory7
13. (Animals) Also called: store pig a pig that has not yet been weaned and weighs less than 40 kg
14. (Agriculture)
a. an animal bought lean to be fattened up for market
b. (as modifier): store cattle.
15. in store forthcoming or imminent
16. lay store by put store by set store by to value or reckon as important
[C13: from Old French estor, from estorer to restore, from Latin instaurāre to refresh; related to Greek stauros stake]
ˈstorable adj
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(stɔr, stoʊr)

n., v. stored, stor•ing,
adj. n.
1. an establishment where merchandise is sold, usu. on a retail basis.
2. a grocery.
3. a supply or stock of something, esp. for future use.
4. stores, supplies of food, clothing, arms, or other requisites.
5. Chiefly Brit. a storehouse or warehouse.
6. quantity, esp. great quantity; abundance: a rich store of grain.
7. to supply or stock with something, as for future use.
8. to accumulate or put away, for future use.
9. to deposit in a storehouse or other place for keeping.
10. to put or retain (data) in a computer memory unit.
11. to remain fresh and usable for considerable time on being stored.
12. to take in or hold supplies or articles, as for future use.
13. bought from a store; commercial: store bread.
1. in store,
a. in readiness or reserve.
b. about to happen.
2. set or lay store by, to have regard for; value; esteem.
[1225–75; (v.) Middle English, aph. variant of astoren < Old French estorer < Latin instaurāre to renew, restore; (n.) Middle English, aph. variant of astore < Old French estore, derivative of estorer]
stor′er, n.
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shop, store - At first, shop designated a small retail establishment and store was applied only to a large establishment; now the differences are blurred.
See also related terms for shop.


- A shortened version of the obsolete astor, "stock of provisions, supplies."
See also related terms for shorter.
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 a build-up of material or goods; a body of persons; a large number or quantity.
Examples: goodly store of blows, 1705; of flowers, 1853; of gypsies—Lipton, 1970; of horses, 1538; of knowledge; of mice, 1594; of people, 1653; of ancient poets, 1536; of provisions; of snow, 1677; of chosen soldiers, 1570; of swine, 1590; of trees growing, 1598.
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In British English, a building or part of a building where goods are sold is usually called a shop.

Are there any shops near here?

In American English, this kind of building is usually called a store, and shop is only used to mean a very small store that has just one type of goods.

Mom has gone to the store.
I got it from a little antiques shop in Princeton.

In British English, very large shops are sometimes called stores.

They've opened a new DIY store on the outskirts of town.

In both British and American English, a large shop that has separate departments selling different types of goods is called a department store.

She works in the furnishings department of a large department store.
1. 'shop' used as a verb

Shop can also be a verb. When people shop, they go to shops and buy things.

I usually shop on Saturdays.
2. 'shopping'

You usually say that someone goes shopping, rather than that they 'shop'.

They went shopping after lunch.

When someone goes to the shops to buy things that they need regularly, such as food, you say that they do the shopping or do their shopping.

Who's going to do the shopping?
She went to the next town to do her shopping.

Shopping can be used without 'do' or 'go' to refer to the activity of buying things from shops.

I don't like shopping.

Shopping can also refer to the things that someone has just bought from a shop or shops.

She put her shopping away in the kitchen.

Shopping is an uncountable noun. Don't talk about 'a shopping' or someone's 'shoppings'.

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Past participle: stored
Gerund: storing

I store
you store
he/she/it stores
we store
you store
they store
I stored
you stored
he/she/it stored
we stored
you stored
they stored
Present Continuous
I am storing
you are storing
he/she/it is storing
we are storing
you are storing
they are storing
Present Perfect
I have stored
you have stored
he/she/it has stored
we have stored
you have stored
they have stored
Past Continuous
I was storing
you were storing
he/she/it was storing
we were storing
you were storing
they were storing
Past Perfect
I had stored
you had stored
he/she/it had stored
we had stored
you had stored
they had stored
I will store
you will store
he/she/it will store
we will store
you will store
they will store
Future Perfect
I will have stored
you will have stored
he/she/it will have stored
we will have stored
you will have stored
they will have stored
Future Continuous
I will be storing
you will be storing
he/she/it will be storing
we will be storing
you will be storing
they will be storing
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been storing
you have been storing
he/she/it has been storing
we have been storing
you have been storing
they have been storing
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been storing
you will have been storing
he/she/it will have been storing
we will have been storing
you will have been storing
they will have been storing
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been storing
you had been storing
he/she/it had been storing
we had been storing
you had been storing
they had been storing
I would store
you would store
he/she/it would store
we would store
you would store
they would store
Past Conditional
I would have stored
you would have stored
he/she/it would have stored
we would have stored
you would have stored
they would have stored
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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - a mercantile establishment for the retail sale of goods or servicesstore - a mercantile establishment for the retail sale of goods or services; "he bought it at a shop on Cape Cod"
bakehouse, bakery, bakeshop - a workplace where baked goods (breads and cakes and pastries) are produced or sold
barbershop - a shop where men can get their hair cut
bazaar, bazar - a shop where a variety of goods are sold
betting shop - a licensed bookmaker's shop that is not at the race track
bodega - a small Hispanic shop selling wine and groceries
bookshop, bookstall, bookstore - a shop where books are sold
booth - a small shop at a fair; for selling goods or entertainment
boutique, dress shop - a shop that sells women's clothes and jewelry
building supply house, building supply store - a store where builders can purchase materials for building houses and related structures
butcher shop, meat market - a shop in which meat and poultry (and sometimes fish) are sold
canteen - sells food and personal items to personnel at an institution or school or camp etc.
chain store - one of a chain of retail stores under the same management and selling the same merchandise
cleaners, dry cleaners - shop where dry cleaning is done
clothing store, haberdashery, haberdashery store, mens store - a store where men's clothes are sold
commissary - a retail store that sells equipment and provisions (usually to military personnel)
computer store - a store that sells computers to the small businessperson or personal user
candy store, confectionary, confectionery - a confectioner's shop
convenience store - a store selling a limited variety of food and pharmaceutical items; open long hours for the convenience of customers
deli, food shop, delicatessen - a shop selling ready-to-eat food products
apothecary's shop, chemist's, chemist's shop, drugstore, pharmacy - a retail shop where medicine and other articles are sold
florist shop, flower store, florist - a shop where flowers and ornamental plants are sold
gift shop, novelty shop - a shop that sells miscellaneous articles appropriate as gifts
hardware store, ironmonger's shop, ironmonger - a store selling hardware; "in Great Britain they used to call a hardware store an ironmonger's shop"
head shop - a shop specializing in articles of interest to drug users; "he bought some roach clips and hashish pipes at the head shop"
junk shop - a shop that sells cheap secondhand goods
mercantile establishment, outlet, retail store, sales outlet - a place of business for retailing goods
hat shop, millinery - shop selling women's hats
outfitter - a shop that provides equipment for some specific purpose; "an outfitter provided everything needed for the safari"
liquor store, off-licence, package store - a store that sells alcoholic beverages for consumption elsewhere
loan office, pawnbroker's shop, pawnshop - a shop where loans are made with personal property as security
perfumery - store where perfumes are sold
pet shop - a shop where pet animals can be purchased
pizza parlor, pizza shop, pizzeria - a shop where pizzas are made and sold
fix-it shop, repair shop - a shop specializing in repairs and maintenance
beauty parlor, beauty parlour, beauty salon, beauty shop, salon - a shop where hairdressers and beauticians work
shoe shop, shoe store, shoe-shop - a shop where shoes are sold
shopfront, storefront - the front side of a store facing the street; usually contains display windows
specialty store - a store that sells only one kind of merchandise
second-hand store, thriftshop - a shop that sells secondhand goods at reduced prices
tobacco shop, tobacconist shop, tobacconist - a shop that sells pipes and pipe tobacco and cigars and cigarettes
toyshop - shop where toys are sold - a supply of something available for future use; "he brought back a large store of Cuban cigars"
infrastructure, base - the stock of basic facilities and capital equipment needed for the functioning of a country or area; "the industrial base of Japan"
accumulation - (finance) profits that are not paid out as dividends but are added to the capital base of the corporation
hoard, stash, cache - a secret store of valuables or money
provision - a store or supply of something (especially of food or clothing or arms)
government issue, military issue, issue - supplies (as food or clothing or ammunition) issued by the government
seed stock - a supply of seeds (or tubers) reserved for planting - an electronic memory devicestore - an electronic memory device; "a memory and the CPU form the central part of a computer to which peripherals are attached"
computer hardware, hardware - (computer science) the mechanical, magnetic, electronic, and electrical components making up a computer system
memory device, storage device - a device that preserves information for retrieval
nonvolatile storage, non-volatile storage - computer storage that is not lost when the power is turned off
fixed storage, read-only memory, read-only storage, ROM - (computer science) memory whose contents can be accessed and read but cannot be changed
real storage - the main memory in a virtual memory system
register - (computer science) memory device that is the part of computer memory that has a specific address and that is used to hold information of a specific kind
scratchpad - (computer science) a high-speed internal memory used for temporary storage of preliminary information
virtual memory, virtual storage - (computer science) memory created by using the hard disk to simulate additional random-access memory; the addressable storage space available to the user of a computer system in which virtual addresses are mapped into real addresses
volatile storage - computer storage that is erased when the power is turned off - a depository for goodsstore - a depository for goods; "storehouses were built close to the docks"
depositary, depository, repository, deposit - a facility where things can be deposited for storage or safekeeping
dump - a place where supplies can be stored; "an ammunition dump"
garner, granary - a storehouse for threshed grain or animal feed
powder magazine, powder store, magazine - a storehouse (as a compartment on a warship) where weapons and ammunition are stored
railhead - a railroad depot in a theater of operations where military supplies are unloaded for distribution
treasure house - a storehouse for treasures
storage warehouse, warehouse - a storehouse for goods and merchandise - keep or lay aside for future use; "store grain for the winter"; "The bear stores fat for the period of hibernation when he doesn't eat"
bin - store in bins
keep, hold on - retain possession of; "Can I keep my old stuffed animals?"; "She kept her maiden name after she married"
computerise, computerize - store in a computer; "computerized dictionary"
victual - lay in provisions; "The vessel victualled before the long voyage"
collect, compile, accumulate, amass, roll up, hoard, pile up - get or gather together; "I am accumulating evidence for the man's unfaithfulness to his wife"; "She is amassing a lot of data for her thesis"; "She rolled up a small fortune"
hive - store, like bees; "bees hive honey and pollen"; "He hived lots of information" - find a place for and put away for storage; "where should we stow the vegetables?"; "I couldn't store all the books in the attic so I sold some"
garner - store grain
keep, hold on - retain possession of; "Can I keep my old stuffed animals?"; "She kept her maiden name after she married"
keep - store or keep customarily; "Where do you keep your gardening tools?"
mothball - put into long-term storage
reposit - put (something) in a place for storage; "the treasure found int he ancient tomb was reposited in the museum"
wharf - store on a wharf; "Wharf the merchandise"
tank - store in a tank by causing (something) to flow into it
loft - store in a loft
warehouse - store in a warehouse
garage - keep or store in a garage; "we don't garage our car"
bottle - store (liquids or gases) in bottles
ensile - store in a silo; "ensile fodder for the cows"
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1. shop, outlet, department store, market, supermarket, mart, emporium, chain store, hypermarket Bombs were planted in stores in Manchester and Blackpool.
2. supply, stock, reserve, lot, fund, mine, plenty, provision, wealth, quantity, reservoir, abundance, accumulation, stockpile, hoard, plethora, cache I handed over my store of chocolate biscuits.
1. (often with away or up) put by, save, hoard, keep, stock, husband, reserve, deposit, accumulate, garner, stockpile, put aside, stash (informal), salt away, keep in reserve, put aside for a rainy day, lay by or in storing away cash that will come in useful later on
2. put away, put in storage, put in store, lock away Some types of garden furniture must be stored inside in the winter.
3. keep, hold, preserve, maintain, retain, conserve chips for storing data
set great store by something value, prize, esteem, appreciate, hold in high regard, think highly of a retail group that sets great store by traditional values
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1. A retail establishment where merchandise is sold:
2. A supply stored or hidden for future use:
Slang: stash.
3. A place where something is deposited for safekeeping:
1. To accumulate and set aside for future use.Also used with up:
2. To have or put in a customary place:
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مَحَلٌ تِـجارِيّمَحَلّمَخْزَنمَخْزون مِن، ذَخيرَهمُسْتَوْدَع، مَتْجَر
butikforrådfylde medgemmelager
birgîirbúî, verslunbÿsngeyma, setja í geymslulager, birgîageymsla
atsargailabai vertintilaikymaslaukiantis ateityjesaugykla
apgādātkrājumikrātliels daudzumsmilzums
cửa hàngtích trữ


A. N
1. (= supply, stock)
1.1. [of food, candles, paper] → reserva f
to have or keep sth in storetener algo en reserva
to keep a store of sthtener una reserva de algo
to lay in a store of sthhacer una reserva de algo, proveerse de algo
1.2. (fig) [of jokes, stories] → repertorio m; [of information] → cúmulo m
he has a vast store of dirty jokestiene un repertorio enorme de chistes verdes
he possessed a vast store of knowledgetenía una cultura muy amplia
the company has a great store of expertisela compañía cuenta con una multitud de gente competente
to be in store for sb (fig) → aguardar a algn
you never know what's in store (for you)nunca se sabe lo que le aguarda a uno
little did I know what the future had in storequé poco sabía lo que nos deparaba el futuro
there's a surprise in store for you!¡te espera una sorpresa!
to set great/little store by sthtener algo en mucho/poco, dar mucho/poco valor a algo
I wouldn't set much store by thatyo no le daría mucho valor
2. (= depository) → almacén m, depósito m
to put sth in(to) store (in a warehouse) → almacenar algo; (in a furniture store) → llevar algo a un guardamuebles
to be in store (in a warehouse) → estar en un almacén; (in a furniture store) → estar en un guardamuebles
furniture storeguardamuebles m inv
3. stores (= provisions) → provisiones fpl, existencias fpl (esp Mil) (= equipment) → pertrechos mpl
4. (= shop)
4.1. (esp US) [of any size] → tienda f
record storetienda f de discos
book storelibrería f
hardware storeferretería f
to mind the store (US) → cuidar de los asuntos
see also grocery, village
4.2. (also department store) → grandes almacenes mpl
he owns a store in Oxford Streetes propietario de unos grandes almacenes en Oxford Street
see also chain, department
1. (= keep, collect)
1.1. (gen) [+ food] → conservar, guardar; [+ water, fuel, electricity] → almacenar; [+ heat] → acumular; [+ documents] → archivar
store in an airtight tinconsérvense en un frasco hermético
avoid storing food for too longevite tener la comida guardada durante mucho tiempo
1.2. (Comput) [+ information] → almacenar, guardar (Physiol) [+ fat, energy] → almacenar, acumular
where in the brain do we store information about colours?¿en qué parte del cerebro almacenamos or guardamos información sobre los colores?
2. (= put away) → guardar
I've got the camping things stored (away) till we need themtengo las cosas de acampar guardadas hasta que las necesitemos
3. (= put in depository) [+ furniture] → depositar en un guardamuebles; [+ goods, crop, waste] → almacenar
C. VIconservarse
fruits which won't store (well)fruta que no se conserva (bien)
D. CPD store card Ntarjeta f de compra
store clerk N (US) → dependiente/a m/f
store cupboard Ndespensa f
store detective Nvigilante mf jurado (de paisano en grandes almacenes)
store manager Ngerente mf de tienda (de grandes almacenes)
store away VT + ADV (in bulk) → almacenar; [+ individual items] → guardar
store up VT + ADV [+ fat, energy] → almacenar, acumular; [+ feelings, bitterness, memories] → acumular, ir acumulando
a hatred stored up over centuriesun odio acumulado durante siglos
to store up trouble or problems for the futureir acumulando problemas para el futuro
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(US) (= shop) → magasin m
(British) (= large shop) → grand magasin m
(= supply) → réserve f
(= depot) (for food, supplies, goods, furniture)entrepôt m; (for grain, fuel, nuclear waste)dépôt m
The furniture is held in a temporary store → Les meubles ont été placés en dépôt temporaire.
(= storage) to put sth in store [+ furniture, grain] → entreposer qch
to be in store for sb (= be ahead of sb)
Who knows what is in store for us? → Qui sait ce que l'avenir nous réserve?, Qui sait de quoi demain sera fait?
There was a surprise in store for me → Une surprise m'attendait.
(= importance) to set great store by sth → faire grand cas de qch
to set little store by sth → faire peu de cas de qch
(= keep) → ranger
They store potatoes in the cellar
BUT Ils mettent les pommes de terre à la cave.Ils rangent les pommes de terre à la cave.
Store medicines out of the reach of children → Rangez les médicaments hors de portée des enfants.
(= put in store) [+ goods, food, furniture] → entreposer; [+ fuel, nuclear waste, toxic waste] → stocker
The goods were stored away at the back of the warehouse → Les marchandises étaient entreposées au fond du hangar.
(in filing system) [+ documents] → ranger
(COMPUTING)emmagasiner, stocker
stores npl (= provisions) → provisions fpl
store up
vt sep (= keep, hoard) → emmagasinerstore card ncarte f privativestore detective nvigile m en civil (dans un grand magasin)
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(= stock)Vorrat m (→ of an +dat); (fig)Fülle f, → Schatz m, → Reichtum m (→ of an +dat); stores pl (= supplies)Vorräte pl, → Bestände pl; to lay in a store of food/coaleinen Lebensmittel-/Kohlenvorrat anlegen; to have or keep something in storeetw lagern, einen Vorrat von etw haben; (in shop) → etw auf Lager or etw vorrätig haben; to be in store for somebodyjdm bevorstehen, auf jdn warten; to have a surprise in store for somebodyfür jdn eine Überraschung auf Lager haben; that’s a treat in store (for you)da habt ihr noch was Schönes vor euch, das ist etwas, worauf ihr euch freuen könnt; what has the future in store for us?was wird uns (dat)die Zukunft bringen?; to set great/little store by somethingviel/wenig von etw halten, einer Sache (dat)viel/wenig Bedeutung beimessen; a vast store of knowledgeein großer Wissensschatz
(= place)Lager nt; he is or works in the storeser ist im Lager tätig; to put one’s furniture in storeseine Möbel unterstellen or (ein)lagern
(Comput) → (Daten)speicher m
(= large shop, book store)Geschäft nt; (= department store)Kaufhaus nt, → Warenhaus nt; (esp US: = shop) → Laden m
adj attr (US) clothesvon der Stange; breadaus der Fabrik
vtlagern; documentsaufbewahren; furnitureunterstellen; (in depository) → einlagern; information, electricity, heat, energyspeichern; (in one’s memory) → sich (dat)merken; (= equip, supply) larder etcauffüllen; the cellar can store enough coal for the winterder Keller hat genügend Platz für die Winterkohle; to store something awayetw verwahren; squirrels store away nuts for the winterEichhörnchen legen einen Vorrat von Nüssen für den Winter an; to store something upeinen Vorrat an etw (dat)anlegen; (fig)etw anstauen; surpriseetw auf Lager haben; to store up trouble for somebody/oneselfjdm/sich Ärger bereiten; hatred stored up over yearsjahrelang angestauter Hass
vi (fruit, vegetables)sich lagern or aufbewahren lassen


store card
nKundenkreditkarte f
store detective
nKaufhausdetektiv(in) m(f)
n (esp US)
Ladenfront f
(Internet) → Storefront f
nLager(haus) nt; (fig)Fundgrube f, → Schatzkammer f
n (in storehouse) → Lagerverwalter(in) m(f), → Lagerist(in) m(f); (esp US: = shopkeeper) → Ladenbesitzer(in) m(f), → Geschäftsinhaber(in) m(f)
nLagerverwalter m, → Lagerist m; (esp US: = shopkeeper) → Ladenbesitzer m
nLagerraum m; (for food) → Vorratskammer f
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1. n
a. (stock) → provvista, scorta, riserva (fig) (of knowledge) → bagaglio stores npl (food) → provviste fpl, scorte fpl, rifornimenti mpl
to lay in a store of sth → fare provvista di qc
in store → di riserva, come provvista
who knows what is in store for us → chissà cosa ci riserva il futuro
to set great/little store by sth → dare molta/poca importanza a qc
b. (also storehouse, storeroom) (depot) → deposito
to put one's furniture in(to) store → mettere i mobili in un deposito
c. (Am) (shop) → negozio (Brit) (also department store) → grande magazzino
2. vt
a. (also store up) (food, fuel, goods) → fare provvista di; (heat, electricity) → accumulare; (documents) → conservare
b. (also store away) (food, fuel) → mettere da parte; (grain, goods) → immagazzinare; (information, in memory) → immagazzinare; (in filing system) → schedare
store up vt + advconservare
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(stoː) noun
1. a supply of eg goods from which things are taken when required. They took a store of dried and canned food on the expedition; The quartermaster is the officer in charge of stores.
2. a (large) collected amount or quantity. He has a store of interesting facts in his head.
3. a place where a supply of goods etc is kept; a storehouse or storeroom. It's in the store(s).
4. a shop. The post office here is also the village store; a department store.
1. to put into a place for keeping. We stored our furniture in the attic while the tenants used our house.
2. to stock (a place etc) with goods etc. The museum is stored with interesting exhibits.
ˈstorage (-ridʒ) noun
the act of storing or state of being stored. We've put our furniture into storage at a warehouse; The meat will have to be kept in cold storage (= stored under refrigeration).
ˈstorehouse, ˈstoreroom nouns
a place or room where goods etc are stored. There is a storeroom behind the shop.
in store
1. kept or reserved for future use. I keep plenty of tinned food in store for emergencies.
2. coming in the future. There's trouble in store for her!
set (great) store by
to value highly (eg a person's approval etc).
store up
to collect and keep (for future need). I don't know why she stores up all those old magazines.
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مَحَلٌ تِـجارِيّ, مَحَلّ, يُخَزِّنُ obchod, prodejna, uskladnit butik, gemme Kaufhaus, Laden, lagern αποθηκεύω, κατάστημα, μαγαζί almacén, almacenar, tienda kauppa, myymälä, varastoida magasin, stocker spremiti, trgovina immagazzinare, negozio, 蓄える 상점, 저장하다 opslaan, winkel butikk, lagerbeholdning, lagre przechować, sklep armazenar, loja магазин, хранить affär, lagra เก็บ, ร้าน, ร้านค้า depo, depolamak, dükkan/mağaza cửa hàng, tích trữ 商店, 店铺, 贮藏
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n reserva; the body's store of iron reserva de hierro del organismo; vt almacenar
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