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abbreviation for
(Telecommunications) long distance relationship


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Controlled by an industrial standard PC, the multi-axes Delta LDR is simple to operate using a colour touch screen to control the six independent drive systems including the long-dwell rotary jaws, film unwind, sealing rollers and three belt lugless infeed which allows products to be transferred automatically onto the moving film to minimise product damage.
First, adjusted entry means of 1SWCB LDR and 1SCB LDR were analyzed separately in a joint CIM across both years in order to identify putative QTL for each trait and to determine the significance of QTL X year interactions.
The second possibility is that the mother will remain in LDR through labour, delivery and early recovery and eventually transfer to PP and HOME.
As part of the LDR regime, however, built-in gains from asset sales that were subsequently reflected in stock basis of an acquired subsidiary were not to be eliminated from the subsidiary's stock basis for purposes of computing a gain on a subsequent disposition of such stock.
LDR is focused on designing and commercialising novel and proprietary surgical technologies for the treatment of patients suffering from spine disorders.
As a company with a passion for innovation, LDR is very pleased with this alliance.
As part of the adjustments, the LDR for Bank of China (BOC) was kept intact at 72% and the ratio for Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) was cut to 57%.
As per Chinese rules, by the end of 2011, all institutions need to have an LDR of 75 percent or less.
The LDR generally applies to all dispositions and deconsolidations of subsidiary stock at a loss, occurring between Feb.
Since the sale was part of the same plan or arrangement, even though to different purchasers, the amount of P's loss disallowed under the LDR is limited to $75 ($100 -$25).