le Carre

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le Car·ré

 (lə kă-rā′), John Pen name of David John Moore Cornwell. Born 1931.
British writer of popular espionage novels, including The Spy Who Came In from the Cold (1963) and Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (1974).
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Le Carré

(lə ˈkæreɪ)
(Biography) John, real name David John Cornwell. born 1931, English novelist, esp of spy thrillers such as The Spy who came in from the Cold (1963), Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (1974), Smiley's People (1980), The Tailor of Panama (1996), and The Mission Song (2006)
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Noun1.le Carre - English writer of novels of espionage (born in 1931)
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I WAS sent the first episode by my London agent, telling me that Simon and Stephen Cornwell - novelist John le Carre's sons - were seeing who might be interested in a television adaptation.
"I was a devoted admirer of le Carre from a very young age and consumed all the Smiley novels and worried, as a lot of admirers of le Carre also worried, I'm sure, that, at the end of the Cold War, not only would there be a lot of unemployed spies, there would also be a lot of unemployed spy writers.
An adaptation of The Night Manager by John Le Carre is to be shown in a series of six screenings by television company the BBC this month, The Guardian news company revealed on Friday.
Penguin Random House UK, part of trade publisher Penguin Random House, revealed on Wednesday that John le Carre will narrate the audiobook version of his new novel titled Agent Running in the Field.
Naturally, the very fact that it's been adapted from another John Le Carre novel automatically gives this 1970s-set cat-and-mouse thriller more than a fighting chance of it being as stylish and gripping as 2016's monster spy hit.
The Little Drummer Girl BBC1, 9pm The Night Manager - based on the best-selling spy novel by John le Carre - was one of the biggest TV success stories of recent years.
BIRTHDAYS: John Le Carre (David Cornwell), author, 87; Sir Michael Gambon, actor, 78; John Lithgow, actor, 73; Sam Allardyce, football manager and pundit, 64; Evander Holyfield, former boxer, 56; Sinitta, actress and singer, 50; Pras Michel, R&B singer/producer, 46.
Robert Lance Snyder's John le Carre's Post-Cold War Fiction offers a thorough exploration of the author's novels following the end of the Cold War.
thrillers failed to understand is that the true genius of le Carre lies in treating Russian cabals and assassination plots and soviet recruitment tactics all as mere vehicles for a story about the person who must navigate themthat these great spy thrillers had a deeply psychological element.