lead away

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w>lead away

vt sepwegführen or -bringen; criminal, prisonerabführen; we must not allow this argument to lead us away from the matter in handwir dürfen uns durch dieses Argument nicht vom eigentlichen Thema abbringen lassen
viwegführen; this is leading away from the subjectdas führt vom Thema ab
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sort of creatures breed Along these untried paths that lead away Past
SUSPECT: Police lead away a woman after a raid; POLICE: Open up, please
Like the Japanese landscape artist Hokusai, whose bridges often lead away into the mists and the unknown, Ando's buildings invite the viewer on a series of tantalising internal journeys.
Several trails lead away from the campground at Garibaldi Lake and one wonders why they are not shown on the relief map, especially considering that the distances along these trails are given in the text and since many features along these trails are discussed.
So when San Antonio seems clearly in control, when it has built an impressive 16-point lead away from home, the Lakers do not bend, they respond.
As well, Neill shows how the "seductive practices" of new historicism can often lead away from actual events into a world where our preconditioned imaginations draw "historical conclusions.
Smethwick Hall OB quickly went into a two-goal lead away at lowly Bartley Green OB thanks to strikes from W Edmonds and D Yend.
And the French coach became so emotional at the support he has received since being rushed to hospital for life-saving surgery, that he broke down, and had to be lead away.
League leaders Atack Snooker C twice took the lead away at Nuneaton Police Club, but had to settle for a share of the spoils as the hosts hit back to claim a 2-2 draw.
In the past 13 years, eight different drivers have taken the lead away from Force.
ANAHEIM - In the familiar children's story, the Pied Piper plays his flute to lead away the children of the town.