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Noun1.lead bank - a bank named by a lending syndicate of several banks to protect their interests
banking company, banking concern, depository financial institution, bank - a financial institution that accepts deposits and channels the money into lending activities; "he cashed a check at the bank"; "that bank holds the mortgage on my home"
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It was also reported that at the time of formation of the Consortium in 2008, Axis Bank was the lead bank for the term loan, while Bank of India was the lead bank for CC Limits.
* Under the second option, the jurisdiction of virtually all holding companies could be split between the Federal Reserve and the proposed Federal Banking Commission on the basis of the charter class of the lead bank. However, for systemic risk reasons, jurisdiction over the holding companies and nonbank affiliates of a modest number of banking organizations that meet certain criteria--such as large size and payment and foreign activity--would be retained by the Federal Reserve even if the lead bank of the organization had a national charter.
The Reserve Bank of India has stated that there are many un-banked people even in urban areas, and has asked that these be brought under the lead bank scheme (LBS).
At the time of formation of Consortium in 2008, Axis Bank was the lead bank for the term loan and Bank of India was the lead bank for CC Limits.
Japan-based Mizuho Corporate Bank Ltd (NYSE: MFG has said that it would act as a lead bank in managing a bond issue for China Development Bank (CDB).The Japanese bank is to act as joint managing underwriter for CDB's dollar bond offering this week.
Subsequent to a meeting with the lead bank of the local banking syndicate, KinerjaPay (OTCQB: KPAY) expects to begin receiving the funds to start its investment program by the end of May and to continue through the next several months.
For loans ranging between Rs 50 to 500 crores, a Bank Led Resolution Approach (BLRA) has been recommended, wherein financial institutions will enter into an inter-creditor agreement to authorise the lead bank to implement a resolution plan in 180 days.
A major curb to a lead bank retaining an entire loan is the internally established "house limit"--the maximum indebtedness a bank is willing to have on its books to a particular borrower or borrower type.
We begin by investigating how the rise of that model affected the portion of each credit that the lead bank retains during the life of the credit.
HSBC's Corporate Banking team in the Midlands has secured the lead bank position in a new deal with the world's largest poultry breeding organisation, Aviagen Group.