lead carbonate

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lead carbonate

A poisonous white amorphous powder, PbCO3, used as a paint pigment.

lead′ car′bonate


a white crystalline compound, PbCO3, toxic when inhaled, insoluble in water and alcohol: used as a pigment.
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Noun1.lead carbonate - a poisonous white pigment that contains lead
pigment - dry coloring material (especially a powder to be mixed with a liquid to produce paint, etc.)
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Rich women wanted to look pale - showing they led a life of leisure out of the sun - and used foundation made from white lead carbonate.
but lead sulfate is more soluble than lead carbonate, which is in turn more soluble than lead phosphate.
According to the judge, "By eliminating the traditional causation requirement in tort for those who were injured by white lead carbonate pigment, the risk contribution rule imposes a burden that is unrelated to any injury that was actually caused by defendants and bears no legitimate relationship to the government's interest in compensating the victims of lead poisoning for their injuries.
The results of the present study support the conclusion that the fatal lead poisoning outbreak in northern Nigeria resulted from contamination of soils, living areas, water supplies, and foodstuffs by the processing of weathered, lead-rich gold ores containing abundant, highly gastric-bioaccessible secondary lead carbonate minerals.
The state's high court concurred with the lower court's dismissing of a defective design claim in strict liability and negligence against manufacturers of white lead carbonate pigment.
Encapsulated stabilizers are available in lead carbonate, sulfate and phthalate grades to reduce generation of dust during handling and compounding.