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Lithuania is the lead nation of the project, 6 EU members, Spain, Croatia, the Netherlands, France, Romania and Finland, are participants, and 5 more countries, Belgium, Estonia, Greece, Slovenia, and Germany, are observers.
NATO Deputy Secretary General Ambassador Alexander Vershbow led a signing ceremony on Thursday (26 September 2013) recognising Bulgaria as the sixth lead nation in the Building Integrity Trust Fund, which is to promote transparency, accountability and integrity in the defence and security sector.
Bulgaria has been officially recognized as the sixth lead nation in NATOas Building Integrity Trust Fund, whose aim is to promote transparency, accountability and integrity in the defence and security sector.
Multinational operations are conducted by forces of two or more nations usually under the formal agreement (for example, a treaty) of an alliance, an ad hoc lead nation coalition, or an intergovernmental organization.
He said: "Our task as the lead nation ends in August this year.
Germany, being the lead nation of Regional Command North (RC-North), decided to strengthen civil reconstruction efforts and extend its commitment in northern Afghanistan, leading to the opening of PAT, which symbolizes a major step toward the planned diversification of the civil military concept," said a statement from ISAF.
German Interior Minister Otto Schily told journalists that while the UK is the lead nation in Afghanistan on drugs, Germany also has a role through its efforts to improve policing there.
Britain sought to quell the dispute by insisting it would lead the force and command it, with British Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon telling the UK parliament: "If the UK's offer to be lead nation is accepted, the UK will exercise command of the international security assistance force".
You are the lead nation for our high readiness force and you are in the skies through the Royal Air Force in the Black Sea region, providing policing.
Additionally, the role of lead nation was handed over from the Polish Air Force to the Portuguese Air Force.
EU Foreign Affairs Council, meeting in Luxembourg today, in a statement stressed the importance of "reinforcing regional and international cooperation at appropriate levels, as well as providing assistance to lead nations, NGOs and the United Nations (UN), particularly the World Health Organisation (WHO).
President Obama said there are girls across the globe, who will one day lead nations, if only they are given the chance to choose their own destinies and the freedom to dream, Politico reports.