lead ore

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Noun1.lead ore - ore containing lead
ore - a mineral that contains metal that is valuable enough to be mined
massicot, massicotite - the mineral form of lead monoxide; in the form of yellow powder it is used as a pigment
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The lead mining market consists of sales of lead ores and concentrates by entities (organizations, sole traders and partnerships) that mine lead ore.
Cosmetics have become less of a gamble over time (did you know that ancient Egyptians used copper and lead ore to create their cosmetics, and that women used burnt matches to darken their eyes?) and grown into a complex, multi-billion dollar industry catering to an impossibly wide range of skin types and preferences.
From 1786 the mill was owned by the Beaumont Company becoming one of the largest in the country with the capacity to process over 2,000 tons of lead ore annually.
Also off the register is Hethpool Tower, Kirknewton in Northumberland, Allen smelt mill, Allendale and Allenheads lead ore works site.
First, ore concentration is carried out using the froth floatation process to separate obtained concentrated lead ore from silicates and clays (gangue).
A permanent exhibition demonstrates how lead ore was processed to make the metal and how the water-pumping mechanisms of the mines operated.
"Iran's major commodities exported to China last year included crude oil, polyethylene, methanol, sulfur, styrene, iron ore, copper ore, purified copper, chromite, lead ore, zinc ore, marble and travertine," Hossein Roustayee, an official with the Trade Promotion Organization of Iran said.
These goods have included notebook computers, anthracite coal, iron, iron ore, lead ore, zinc ore, silver ore, lead, and ferrous products.
China also has banned imports of North Korean coal, iron and lead ore, and seafood since early September.