lead to

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1. To show the way to:
2. To proceed on a certain course or for a certain distance:
3. To have authoritative charge of:
4. To go through (life) in a certain way:
5. To begin (something) with preliminary or prefatory material:
phrasal verb
lead offphrasal verb
lead tonoun
1. Something or someone that shows the way:
2. A piece of information useful in a search:
3. An act or instance of guiding:
4. The capacity to lead others:
5. The main performer in a theatrical production:
6. A prominent article in a periodical:
Chiefly British: leader.
References in classic literature ?
The men filed rapidly past me and entered the diverging corridor which I hoped would lead to safety.
As I gave Raffles a headlong lead to the baize door, I glanced down the great well of stairs, and up came the daft yells of these sporting oafs:
Finally, the authors point out that although TWA and IBL are associated with peripheral nerve damage, bone lead--another measure of chronic exposure--is a weak predictor of lead effects in the nervous system because it reflects only that lead stored in the bone compartment and not necessarily the cumulative blood lead to which peripheral nerves were exposed.
It can cause permanent brain damage and, at its worst, even lead to a child's death.
Most of the recycled lead goes back into making new batteries, so the refiners adjust trace elements in the lead to meet the specifications of the battery industry.
They believe the strict new guidelines for eradicating lead paint from the city's housing stock are a catastrophic blow to the rehabilitation of properties that will lead to more children living in lead-contaminated homes that ever.
Atmospheric emission sources are outside the condor range and not in prevailing wind patterns and are unlikely to be a significant source of lead to condors, nor is lead from soil, the report said.
The FDA is aware of the suit, and according to an agency spokesperson, will next evaluate the scientific data that the report was based upon, and determine if the products contain enough lead to designate a health hazard.
The blood then transfers the lead to soft body tissue and bone.
The alternatives have not yet displaced lead to any great extent, owing to cost issues and to the fact that lead remains perfectly legal to use.
The consensus of opinion is that since we have lost our senior lead officers, communications have broken down; more graffiti is apparent and this can only lead to more crimes; they give us numbers to call, but no one is there, and if we're lucky, we reach a recording and they may return our calls in a few days.