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Noun1.leading indicator - one of 11 indicators for different sections of the economy; used by the Department of Commerce to predict economic trends in the near future
index number, indicator, index, indicant - a number or ratio (a value on a scale of measurement) derived from a series of observed facts; can reveal relative changes as a function of time
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The National Customer Satisfaction Index (NCSI) can be used as a leading indicator predicting stock index and unemployment rates in advance, given they are correlative, according to the Korea Productivity Center (KPC) surveying one of Korea's major consumer satisfaction indexes.
However, seven of the eight components that make up New Hampshire's Leading Indicator had a positive contribution in May: unemployment claims, building permits, exports, consumer expectations (regional), stock prices (national), interest rate spread and technology index (national).
The solid black lines indicate that the data point in the preceding box is a primary leading indicator for the data point in the following box.
Summary: The prospects for the world's major developed economies improved further in July according to a monthly leading indicator of growth compiled by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, or OECD, while emerging markets continued to lose steam.
On its website ECRI makes this telling statement: "Unlike mainstream economists, who base their forecasts on econometric models, we have developed a robust leading indicator approach which is unrivalled in accurately calling turning points in economic growth and inflation worldwide.
Summary: The KOF Swiss leading indicator rose more-than-expected in August to reach a nine-month high as the government took unprecedented steps to stimulate the.
The Paris-based forecaster said its leading indicator measure for the UK rose by 0.
Specifically, the forecast relies on a smoothed, six month average calculation of the Leading Indicator, which shows a rate of growth of 6.
As defined by the group, a leading indicator is "a measure for evaluating the effectiveness of how a specific activity is applied on a program in a manner that provides information about impacts that are likely to affect the system performance objectives.
The index is a leading indicator increase in the nation, 9.
In this paper we used the P-star model to calculate the leading indicator of inflation, and also to test the forecasting performance of the P-star model-based leading indicator of inflation.
NTC Research said its leading indicator rose to 102.