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To be brief, Sancho fixed Don Quixote on the ass and secured Rocinante with a leading rein, and taking the ass by the halter, he proceeded more or less in the direction in which it seemed to him the high road might be; and, as chance was conducting their affairs for them from good to better, he had not gone a short league when the road came in sight, and on it he perceived an inn, which to his annoyance and to the delight of Don Quixote must needs be a castle.
Despite his 11-stroke leading cushion, Els will be conscious of lettings lip his hands on the leading reins as he did in Phuket six years ago when Tiger Woods came from eight behind at the halfway mark to eventually defeat Els in a play-off.
She held on to the leading reins alongside the filly's groom, Pam Winterburn, and fed her some grass.