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Noun1.leaf blade - especially a leaf of grass or the broad portion of a leaf as distinct from the petioleleaf blade - especially a leaf of grass or the broad portion of a leaf as distinct from the petiole
foliage, leaf, leafage - the main organ of photosynthesis and transpiration in higher plants
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Contract awarded for Implementation Of Leaf Blade Data Center Gore
Close examination of the leaf blade reveals that the bleached out part of the grass plant has a pinched appearance.
It's a Do It Mold pony head (jig) with a Sampo swivel and a size 3 Vi nickel-willow leaf blade.
Initially, the spots are spread over the ends of the leaf blade and over time, the damage is more extensive, irregular shapes are distributed throughout the limb with a more brownish color and pycnidia more apparent, or small and localized.
Thus, grass phytoliths, especially those located over the veins in the leaf blade, can have immense significance as diagnostic markers in studies of grassland palaeoecology and ancient climate change (Prasad et al.
Leaf blade, leaf sheath, stem rind, stem pith, stem node, ear husk, and tassel were manually striped from the whole corn stover.
Adults of both species leave characteristic feeding scars on the leaf blade surface and lay eggs in leaf petioles, where larvae burrow through leaf tissue, feeding on and damaging both apical and axillary (lateral) meristems (Stark & Goyer 1983; Center et al.
Leaf sheath and shoot cortex of Phragmites were dominant nest material categories of Reed Parrotbills, and leaf blade, inflorescence, and Zizania roots dominated the composition of nest materials of Oriental Reed Warblers in all years.
The epidermis thickness of the undersurface (Eab), the adaxial (Ead), mesophyll thickness (MF) and the leaf blade (LF) were measured.
Leaf blade bases asymmetric Celtis (Hackberry) leaf margins coarsely toothed 4b.
Herbage samples were divided in two sub-samples, one to determine dry matter and another to evaluate plant components which were separated for green leaf blade (GLB), stem + green sheath (SGS) and dead material (DMT).
The research team conducted both computational and experimental studies to determine how the contact angle between the water droplet and a leaf affects the light environment on a leaf blade.