leaf peeper

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leaf peeping

The activity of traveling in the fall to areas wooded with deciduous forests to view the changing color of the leaves.

leaf peeper n.

leaf peeper

(Other Non-sporting Hobbies) chiefly informal US a tourist who visits New England in autumn to see the changing colours of the foliage
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Early September schedule streamlines to Saturday and Sunday only, then gears up again for the autumn leaf peeper season beginning September 18.
The Eastern Sierra might not offer maple syrup, but there is enough fall color to satisfy the most dedicated leaf peeper.
In addition, new from Chandler is a series of cotton pillows, of which the Leaf Peeping Dragonfly leads the pack of Leaf Peeper pillow series that includes the Ladybug, Grasshopper and Frog.
Fairy tales As if spotting dolphins at Chanonry Point off the Black Isle wasn't magical enough, leaf peepers can indulge in the spell-binding autumn shades on a walk at Fairy Glen in Rosemarkie.
It adds: "For keen leaf peepers, you can watch the colour change and pick the perfect time to visit a forest near you with the autumn colour map.
Leaf peepers, rejoice: You only have to wait a few more days before the season starts.
It may be a little late coming, but foliage experts say it could be a spectacular October for leaf peepers.
In North America, leaf peepers may enjoy rail tours of the Canadian Rockies before winter hits.
You've got your leaf peepers in the fall, and in the late winter/early spring at the State House, you've got your leaf reapers.
For information about possible gondola and lift tours, leaf peepers should check out the websites for Swain Mountain (western New York), Bristol Mountain (Finger Lakes), Whiteface Mountain (Adirondacks), and Belleayre and Hunter mountains (Catksills).
THEY'RE known as leaf peepers - the thousands of tourists who cross the Atlantic to New England every autumn to watch the trees turn red and gold.
Areas of the United States with especially colorful fall displays attract thousands of leaf peepers.