leaf scorch

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Noun1.leaf scorch - plant disease causing a burned or scorched appearance of the foliage
scorch - a plant disease that produces a browning or scorched appearance of plant tissues
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Pam Jenkins ATHE brown foliage could be a result of frost damage to juvenile foliage or leaf scorch in a heatwave.
Strong salt-laden winds cause leaf scorch, dehydration and eventual death of many plants and it's really worth just stopping and thinking about planting the right plants in the right place.
They are quite fussy creatures and don't enjoy being whipped around in the wind - this can lead to leaf scorch.
Some of your evergreen planting may suffer from leaf scorch - they go brown and desiccate and you might observe this only on the windward side of a plant.
Even detection of the extremely slow-growing Xylella fastidiosa (Pierce's disease of grapes and leaf scorch of shade trees) is improved by using Bio-PCR.
For example, many sulfur formulations can cause leaf scorch if applied during hot, humid conditions, whereas copper fungicides can cause similar injury if sprayed during cool, wet conditions.
Additional symptoms include wilted foliage, a sparse canopy of undersized or off-color leaves, leaf scorch and premature fall coloration.
Investigating the Environmental and Physiological Causes of Abiotic Leaf Scorch in Quercus rubra.
But many crops are natives of warmer climates and resent exposure to cold wet soil which can lead to root death, leaf scorch, even death.
ignorata is a vector of Citrus Variegated Chlorosis and Coffee Leaf Scorch in Brazil (Yamamoto et al.
Then the problem could be leaf scorch, which produces identical consequences but can be more severe causing the premature shedding of all leaves.