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Noun1.leaf shape - any of the various shape that leaves of plants can assumeleaf shape - any of the various shape that leaves of plants can assume
foliage, leaf, leafage - the main organ of photosynthesis and transpiration in higher plants
natural shape - a shape created by natural forces; not man-made
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Leaf shape varied, being oblong, trapezoidal, elliptical and ovate.
The leaves are a dark green hue with a classic leaf shape.
Whether you are a beginner at identifying trees or an expert arborist, visit one of the five marked stations for guided tours and to learn more about tree identification techniques through leaf shape, acorns and bark.
In particular, leaf shape contains a lot of classifying features, such as leaf tip, blade, leaf base, teeth, veins, apex, margin, leafstalk, insertion point, and contour.
Noise Removed images were converted to binary to find the exact leaf shape and to extract other geometrical features.
Jennifer Young via email Hi Jennifer After much deliberation, I think it could be Zelkova serrata due to its leaf shape and arrangement as well as the bark.
N All leaves Yes No P Older leaves No No K Older leaves Yes Yes Mg Older leaves Yes No Ca Young leaves Yes No S Young leaves Yes No Mn, Fe Young leaves Yes No B, Zn, Cu, Mo Young leaves -- -- Nutrient Color and Leaf Shape N Yellowing of leaves and leaf veins P Purplish patches K Yellow patches Mg Yellow stripping Ca Yellow leaves S Yellow leaves Mn, Fe Interveinal chlorosis B, Zn, Cu, Mo Deformed leaves
Twenty-two vegetable farmers and traders from Bamako rated the African eggplant and roselle varieties based on visual characteristics (fruit color, fruit shape, number of fruits per plant, fruit size, number of secondary branches per plant, leaf size, leaf shape, leaf color, number of calyxes per plant, calyx shape, and calyx color).
Mark this simple design in the middle of each leaf shape before getting started.
What mystic patterns of science, math, and religion hide in your whirls of leaf and branch?" As vast as a forest, topics range from tree grain and leaf shape to economic theories, mathematics, and engineering.