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Noun1.leaf-cutter - bee that cuts rounded pieces from leaves and flowers to line its nestleaf-cutter - bee that cuts rounded pieces from leaves and flowers to line its nest
bee - any of numerous hairy-bodied insects including social and solitary species
genus Megachile, Megachile - type genus of the Megachilidae: leaf-cutting bees
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Sericomyrmex translates literally as "silky ants" and it is a lesser-known relative of the more famous leaf-cutter ants.
Enrichment and broad representation of plant biomass-degrading enzymes in the specialized hyphal swellings of Leucoagaricus gongylophorus, the fungal symbiont of leaf-cutter ants.
You can expect lots of insects to pay a visit, including leaf-cutter bees over summer and hibernating ladybirds during winter.
A 15-year study of leaf-cutter ants and their relatives across North and South America found that their nests are susceptible to infection by a diverse group of specialized fungal parasites.
4) of a leaf-cutter ant Acromyrmex lundi (Guerin, 1838) [Hymenoptera: Formicidae].
Program Build a bee hotel, attract native mason and leaf-cutter bees to your yard with an attractive and simple-to-make bee hotel.
Ants build their own air-conditioning system THEY may be small but leaf-cutter ants are seriously clever creatures.
Foraging patterns of the leaf-cutter ant Atta laevigata (Smith) (Myrmicinae: Attini) in an area of cerrado vegetation.
The much coveted title of Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year, which is owned by the Natural History Museum and BBC Wildlife Magazine, was awarded to Hungarian photographer Bence M[sz]t from Pusztaszer for his image A Marvel of Ants, described as "a simple shot that captures the complexity of the behaviour of leaf-cutter ants in the Costa Rican rainforest".
Visitors can explore the model of a leaf-cutter worker that has been blown up to 50 times its actual size and learn how it uses its body to work and survive in the colony.
Smith of Earlham College and J|rgen Gadau of Arizona State University; and was a co-author on the leaf-cutter ant genome.