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Any of numerous small insects of the family Cicadellidae that jump or hop readily and suck juices from plants, sometimes damaging crops.


(ˈlifˌhɒp ər)

any of numerous slender, sap-sucking homopterous insects, of the family Cicadellidae, that leap from leaf to leaf, sometimes spreading plant diseases.
[1850–55, Amer.]
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Noun1.leafhopper - small leaping insect that sucks the juices of plantsleafhopper - small leaping insect that sucks the juices of plants
homopteran, homopterous insect - insects having membranous forewings and hind wings
family Jassidae, Jassidae - family of small leafhoppers coextensive with the Cicadellidae and not distinguished from it in some classifications
jassid - a variety of leafhopper
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Population fluctuation of leafhopper of corn in two localities of Mato Grosso do Sul State
Characters, distribution, and food plants of leafhopper vectors of virus causing Pierce[acute accent]s disease of grapevines.
The vector for dissemination of OLS is a 1/2-inch-long, glassy-winged sharpshooter insect -- a kind of leafhopper.
Grows easily in the garden, and doesn't suffer much from pests and diseases, although the nasty leafhopper can sometimes cause some discolouration.
alterniflora, percent bare space, percent Salicornia europaea, and temperature were correlated with patterns of leafhopper abundance ([F.
Other scientists studied it and told him that he'd discovered a new kind of leafhopper.
An application for the release of the leafhopper is being prepared.
He went on to describe his running battles with the grape leafhopper, a bug smaller than a grain of rice that has become a major pest in California vineyards.
When it comes to green tea production, there is no other pest that causes more devastation than the tea green leafhopper.
According to these studies the most crucial age in plant and leafhopper for displaying mating response is between one to ten days.