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Adj.1.leaflike - resembling a leaf
leafy - having or covered with leaves; "leafy trees"; "leafy vegetables"
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Phyllodes tumors are biphasic tumors, histologically characterized by a leaflike architecture resulting from an enhanced intracanalicular growth pattern, cleftlike spaces lined by epithelium, and hypercellular stroma.
35), and two samples displaying authentic leaflike flavonol glycoside profiles but were partially spiked with either aglycones (sample no.
It is distinguished by its long inflorescences that are not leafy but bear much reduced leaflike bracts that are never longer than the glomerules.
An image of these bubbles, clustered circular forms that repeat in leaflike patterns, could be found in various scales in most of the works that were on view.
The leaflike front of a common vampire bat's nose senses the blood heat of a capillary-rich spot to bite, and its sharp teeth nick the flesh.
According the authors, the mean particle size enhanced with the pressure increased, while the morphology of [beta]-carotene precipitated also changed with pressure, modifying from plate-like to a leaflike form of particles.
These insects exhibit a remarkably leaflike appearance, are light green in life, and their hindwings hidden under their tegmina when in repose (Nickle 1992).
0 times as wide as head, with weakly defined calli, distinctly concave lateral margins, and raised basal part; pronotal collar rather long, flat, posteriorly delimited by shallow depression; metathoracic scent-gland evaporatory area broad, leaflike, extended backwards, with comparatively large, distinctly raised oval peritreme (as in P.
Kelp Flat, leaflike plants, sold fresh, dried, as powder.
all physical bodies are made up entirely of layers of ghostlike images, an infinite number of leaflike skins laid one on top of the other.
The worms were leaflike, elongated (Figure 2), and an average of 8.