leafnose bat

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Noun1.leafnose bat - bat having a leaflike flap at the end of the noseleafnose bat - bat having a leaflike flap at the end of the nose; especially of the families Phyllostomatidae and Rhinolophidae and Hipposideridae
carnivorous bat, microbat - typically having large ears and feeding primarily on insects; worldwide in distribution
macrotus, Macrotus californicus - large-eared greyish bat of southern California and northwestern Mexico
spearnose bat - New World bat with a pointed nose leaf; found from southern United States to Paraguay
Phyllostomus hastatus - a variety of leaf-nosed bat
Choeronycteris mexicana, hognose bat - small-eared Mexican bat with a long slender nose
horseshoe bat - a bat of the family Rhinolophidae having a horseshoe-shaped leaf on the nose
horseshoe bat - any of numerous bats of the family Hipposideridae of northwest Africa or Philippines or Australia having a horseshoe-shaped leaf on the nose
orange bat, orange horseshoe bat, Rhinonicteris aurantius - a common bat of northwestern Australia having orange or yellow fur
false vampire, false vampire bat - any New or Old World carnivorous bat erroneously thought to suck blood but in fact feeding on insects
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