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Verb1.league together - attach oneself to a groupleague together - attach oneself to a group    
join, fall in, get together - become part of; become a member of a group or organization; "He joined the Communist Party as a young man"
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She might fall sick on his hands; she might have deceived him by a false character; she and the landlady of the hotel might have been in league together.
The FA and the Premier League together make a significant voluntary contribution to grassroots sport but it is right that their continued commercial success should be reflected in the support it gives to all levels of football.
When Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane broke into the league together a decade ago, they were wreaking havoc on the ice together all the time.
Randle, 23, and Clarkson, 25, came into the league together in 2014 and were part of the Lakers core group of young players during the organization's rebuilding process.
Peterhead have been title favourites all season but the surprise package are Montrose who have put a staggering run of form in the league together.
The 26-year-old worked with Mourinho for two-and-a-half years at Stamford Bridge and the duo won the League Cup and Premier League together.
Diana, in a way, is the glue that holds the League together.
I have known Matty for about five or six years, we used to play Sunday League together," PC Walton said.
And after last weekend's Betway All-Stars tournament, the 6ft 6in Canadian-born wing forward said: "I think everyone was a bit taken aback last Sunday, it was certainly a bit of a different experience but a good one to get most of the league together down at The O2 and kick-off the year together.
When you put big wages and a lot of changes from the Championship into the Premier League together it means you have four, five, six players here who know they will leave.
It's a special bond and I don't think you always get that at clubs, that's why we've got to hold onto that, make that motivate us to hopefully be out there next year at Wembley lifting a Premier League together.
It's a good time to be coming as well - the big two are back in the league together, and that's an attraction while Hearts and Aberdeen are massive clubs.