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Verb1.league together - attach oneself to a groupleague together - attach oneself to a group    
join, fall in, get together - become part of; become a member of a group or organization; "He joined the Communist Party as a young man"
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She might fall sick on his hands; she might have deceived him by a false character; she and the landlady of the hotel might have been in league together. Horrible!
Inter have appointedAntonio Conteas their new boss and the Italian appears to be eyeing a reunion with Matic, after winning the Premier League together atChelseain 2017.
We attended the association's hugely impressive launch event on Wednesday night and were blown away by the amount of work that has gone into putting this league together - and indeed the amount of interest that's been generated in recent times.
Jason and Devin, the eldest twin by 27 minutes, were about 12 years old and playing in the Valley Cottage Pop Warner league together.
United relegated from BTC Premiership to the Debswana First Division North league together with other north teams, Green Lovers and Mahalapye United Hotspurs in 2016/2017 season.
The pair lifted the Champions League together during their time at Anfield, as well as the FA Cup and UEFA Super Cup, and Gerrard has spoken at length about how influential now-Newcastle Unitedmanager Benitez was on his playing career.
The Lakers reportedly had an interest in Anthony before he joined the Rockets, and both he and James go back to their school days as they both entered the league together in the 2003 NBA draft.
"It seems we're always in the same league together, we must have played each other more than anyone else!" joked Protherough.
The pals played rugby league together for the Brisbane Broncos and Queensland before Folau, who has played three codes, moved to union after a short spell in Australian rules football.
The friends played rugby league together for the Brisbane Broncos and Queensland before Folau moved to union via a short spell in Australian rules football.
Andy Parkinson: Tranmere Rovers Academy We were life-long friends from an early age at school and playing Sunday League together for Abbey Juniors U12s.