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league 1

1. An association of states, organizations, or individuals for common action; an alliance.
2. Sports An association of teams or clubs that compete chiefly among themselves. Also called loop1.
3. A class or level of competition: The ski jump was out of his league.
v. leagued, leagu·ing, leagues
To come together in or as if in a league.
To bring together in or as if in a league.

[Alteration (influenced by Italian lega) of Middle English liege, from Old French ligue, from Medieval Latin liga and from Old Italian lega, liga (from legare, to bind), both from Latin ligāre, to bind; see leig- in Indo-European roots.]

league 2

n. Abbr. lea.
a. A unit of distance equal to 3.0 statute miles (4.8 kilometers).
b. Any of various other units of about the same length.
2. A square league.

[Middle English lege, from Old French liue, leguee, from Latin leuga, a measure of distance, of Gaulish origin.]
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in a league; conspiring
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