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Maggie, in her absent way, continued to lean forward, resting on her arms and moving her feet about, while her dark eyes got more and more fixed and vacant, as if she had quite forgotten Philip and his book.
Do not lean forward or backwards and adjust your height so your legs are at a 90 degree angle.
The comfort at the helm begins with seats that have a contoured design and a pad for the steering wheel which extends over your knees, so you don't have to lean forward while driving.
WOULD a councillor from Warwickshire County Council or Nuneaton and Bedworth Council please lean forward in their deep pile leather chairs and answer me a simple question.
RealRyders can lean forward, backward and side-to-side in imitation of actual road biking conditions, engaging your core (in addition to your legs) and burning up to 40 percent more calories an hour.
Extend your arms, lean forward a little at the hips, and lower yourself in a slow, controlled motion, to a count of four, until you reach a near-sitting position.
The single most important one is that the Web is a lean forward medium.
The maximum angle that a healthy computer-modeled body could lean forward from the waist without its heels lifting off the ground was nearly 12 degrees from vertical.
Consequently, those who Lean Forward will leave us in their wake, and with time we will get further and further behind.
Every time you lean forward to read the weight you keep putting your foot on the scale.
In all forms of moving media it's the filmmaker's job to create a meaningful product that truly affects audiences--and The Lean Forward Moment is devoted to finding and highlighting this moment, where techniques lead to audience involvement.
People may lean forward onto supermarket trolleys and can cycle well but cannot walk.