lean over

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w>lean over

(= be off vertical: object, tree) → sich (vor)neigen
(person)sich vorbeugen; they leaned over the side of the bridgesie beugten sich über das Brückengeländer; he leaned over her shoulderer beugte sich über ihre Schulter ? backwards
References in classic literature ?
You lie down on your - I mean you lean over the bank, you know, and sloush the things about in the water.
It was right at the bottom of the hamper, and seemed difficult to find, and he had to lean over further and further, and, in trying to steer at the same time, from a topsy-turvy point of view, he pulled the wrong line, and sent the boat into the bank, and the shock upset him, and he dived down right into the hamper, and stood there on his head, holding on to the sides of the boat like grim death, his legs sticking up into the air.