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v. leaped or leapt (lĕpt, lēpt), leap·ing, leaps
a. To propel oneself quickly upward or a long way; spring or jump: The goat leaped over the wall. The salmon leapt across the barrier.
b. To move quickly or suddenly: leaped out of his chair to answer the door.
a. To change quickly or abruptly from one condition or subject to another: always leaping to conclusions.
b. To act quickly or impulsively: leaped at the opportunity to travel.
c. To enter eagerly into an activity; plunge: leapt into the project with both feet.
1. To propel oneself over: I couldn't leap the brook.
2. To cause to leap: She leapt her horse over the hurdle.
a. The act of leaping; a jump.
b. A place jumped over or from.
c. The distance cleared in a leap.
2. An abrupt or precipitous passage, shift, or transition: a leap from rags to riches.
Phrasal Verb:
leap out
To be readily noticed: The sign leapt out at us from the window.
by leaps and bounds
Very quickly: growing by leaps and bounds.
leap in the dark
An act whose consequences cannot be predicted.
leap of faith
The act or an instance of believing or trusting in something intangible or incapable of being proved.

[Middle English lepen, from Old English hlēapan.]

leap′er n.
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Noun1.leaper - someone who bounds or leaps (as in competition)
jumper - an athlete who competes at jumping; "he is one hell of a jumper"
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The first goblin was a most astonishing leaper, and none of the others could come near him; even in the extremity of his terror the sexton could not help observing, that while his friends were content to leap over the common-sized gravestones, the first one took the family vaults, iron railings and all, with as much ease as if they had been so many street-posts.
The ceremonies also saw an Emeritus Professorship conferred on David Leaper, a distinguished surgeon and lecturer who became Professor of Clinical Sciences at the University of Huddersfield in 2013.
But after a rather underwhelming showcase at the Smoothie King Arena in New Orleans, Louisiana, on Saturday (Sunday in Manila), the dynamic leaper said he would no longer participate in the event next year.
Heartbroken Daughter Denise and Terry, Heartbroken Son David and Angie xxxx LEAPER Thomas (Dad) Your love was special and so were you, always with me in all I do.
We believe the best way for people to connect with these issues is through story and Leaper will be moving, funny and extremely powerful.
Dr Vincent Leaper was sentenced to carry out 180 hours of work at Southampton Crown Court after he pleaded guilty to four counts relating to the offences which happened during a five-year period in the Southampton and Winchester areas.
His grandson Dennis Leaper told Remember When in 2000 that Tom would act as umpire for the village side and oversee the preparations of the pitch at The Grange before matches.
Amy Leaper, of Virgin Management, said: "The growing incidence of exhaustion at work is a real concern.
The 6-foot-2, 150-pound leaper won seven of the nine major competitions he entered.
James Leaper Steelcase Solutions Maddox House Edmund Street Birmingham B3 2HJ 0121 233 2228 jleaper@steelcase.
Fisherman Andrew Leaper spoke of his pride after spotting the bottle in his catch on April 12 this year.
Fisherman Andrew Leaper found the bottle, which was released in 1914, in his nets in April while sailing east of the Shetland Islands, which lie off Scotland's northern coast.