learn off


w>learn off

vt seplernen
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The cows swung placidly down the lane, and Anne followed them dreamily, repeating aloud the battle canto from MARMION--which had also been part of their English course the preceding winter and which Miss Stacy had made them learn off by heart--and exulting in its rushing lines and the clash of spears in its imagery.
"I'll sit there thinking, 'If she can do it, why can't I?' Our group has people with different strengths so we learn off each other which works well."
"It's massive for me to learn off the gaffer and Gareth," James said after his international debut.
"But he's a great guy to learn off, he has so much experience."
"But you learn off the likes of Barry, Brunt, Jake, Mozza.
"Even the likes of people in my position, such as Mo and Jonjo, they've played hundreds of Premier League games and they're great people to learn off so I can't ask for any better experience than this.
Hornby said: "Duncan's a fantastic person to learn off. I've had the pleasure of training with the first team quite a lot over the last few months and he's been really good with me.
As a midfielder, you'd learn off him and it will be magic to see him at Rangers."
"I thought it would be good to sit in behind him, watch him and learn off him and then make the pass when the time was right.
"Me and Jonas learn from him every day and I learn off Jonas as well because he's playing very well this season up to now.
"He has been there and done it all himself, so he is a great person to learn off and I'm really excited about the challenge."
"I want to be at Everton and I want to play for Everton so I think the best place for me to be is at Everton so I can learn off the likes of Seamus (Coleman) and (Leighton) Baines on how to be an Everton player."