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v. learned also learnt (lûrnt), learn·ing, learns
a. To gain knowledge of or skill in through study, instruction, or experience: learned how to sail; learned the new computer program; learn to speak Hindi.
b. To become aware or informed of; find out: learned the truth about him; learned that it was best not to argue. See Synonyms at discover.
2. To fix in the mind or memory; memorize: learned the speech in a few hours.
3. Nonstandard To cause to acquire knowledge; teach.
4. Obsolete To give information to.
To gain knowledge, information, comprehension, or skill: learns quickly; learned about computers; learned of the job through friends.

[Middle English lernen, from Old English leornian; see leis- in Indo-European roots.]

learn′a·ble adj.
learn′er n.
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The main result in Valiant [1999] states that if the f(u)[Rho](u) belong to a class that is learnable attribute-efficiently on the restricted domain {u / [Rho](u) = 1} by an algorithm A say, and if a disjunction can be learned attribute-efficiently by an algorithm B that shares certain specified properties with Winnow, then provided f(u) = [Sigma] [f.
The quality of sensitivity is more complicated and perhaps less learnable.
Publications such as Godey's or Beecher's Treatise made "acceptable social behaviors teachable, learnable, and deferrable" (101).
We started from the premise that safety is learnable," says DeGrenier.
I defended an approach which Professor Burbules aptly labels `proceduralism', emphasising learnable skills and tested techniques of making good ethical decisions.
Sales is a certain kind of talent; these other things are skills that are learnable.
Themes such as altruism, ethical concern, commitment and cooperation are indeed "teachable and learnable subjects," and should be mandated in public education.
is viewed functionally, as a process, and is associated with a learnable set of
Convinced that entrepreneurship is a learnable skill, the Fogelman College is developing new classes for entrepreneurs and launching a campaign to develop an entrepreneurship center at the College.
The trainer couldn't establish credibility with the participants, didn't understand the training material or couldn't present it in a learnable fashion.
Although related tangentially to Java, it's a basic scripting language that's eminently learnable by anyone Interested enough to put in a little time.
Have a plan, but leave room to delight in the unexpected learnable moment; in either case, put the children in the center of the experience so they become their own teachers.