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Having a learning disability: programs for learning-disabled students.
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(Education) US unable to reach the average standard of people of the same age group as regards intellectual and cognitive skills and performance
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Run by community interest company PossAbilities, its outreach team provides support for learning-disabled adults within their own homes so they can live independently.
Music therapists from Europe and Thailand discuss work with profoundly learning-disabled teens, the role of assistants, how music therapy students construct their experiences of working with assistants on training placements, the involvement of family members who are primary carers, assistants and co-therapists in music therapy groups in adult mental health, and nursing home staff who participated in therapy in a care home for people with dementia.
The "Herman Method"[TM] has been used with struggling readers, English language learners, and learning-disabled students.
The 12-week course used guided walks, drama, poetry, singing and music to make history accessible for 30 learning-disabled people.
Numerical and arithmetical deficits in learning-disabled children: Relation to dyscalculia and dyslexia.
In this new text, they present learning and teaching methods that have been applied successfully to both the gifted and talented and the learning-disabled populations.
Full Body and the Voice, based at the Lawrence Batley Theatre, works with a group of learning-disabled actors.
Artist Persimmon Blackbridge, a self-described "learning-disabled crazy chick" who mounted a series of three-dimensional portraits at the event, put it this way: "Disability includes such disparate experiences--my learning-disabled life is so different from someone who's deaf or has CP--but at KickstART we were giddy from the power of our connections."
Three learning-disabled piano students in my studio participated in a 12-week study in 2003 to determine if their steady beat performance would improve when activities that focused on large muscles were included in weekly lessons.
In Daniel Keyes' 1966 novel Flowers for Algernon (Harcourt), an experimental treatment gives a mouse and a learning-disabled man increased intellectual abilities.
Ideal for ESL/ELL, dyslexic, or learning-disabled students in grades 3-8, Read&Write provides 18 different literacy support features to improve a child's speech, reading ability, and word knowledge.
But the NCLB Act requires all children--English-as-a-second-language (ESL) and learning-disabled students included--to be tested at grade level for assessment purposes; otherwise, the school will be sanctioned for noncompliance.

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