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Noun1.least bittern - small American bitternleast bittern - small American bittern    
bittern - relatively small compact tawny-brown heron with nocturnal habits and a booming cry; found in marshes
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During breeding season, a large assortment of species nest on the area, including waterfowl--such as mallard and wood duck, and several state-listed species, including least bittern (threatened), pied-billed grebe (threatened), American bittern (special concern), northern harrier (threatened), and sedge wren (threatened).
Least bittern, a secretive marsh species, delighted Fermi birders (including me) in July.
Migrating ducks are common visitors, along with wild turkey, least bittern, Mississippi kite, red-headed woodpecker, and wood thrush.
Search Specles Lists Legend Dashboard LC map Pcdaymbus Pied-Billec Podicpedidae 26 LC podiceps Grebe Map Ardea Great Blue Ardeidae 25 LC herodias Heron map Botaurus American Ardeidae 25 LC lentinginosus Bittern map Butulcus ibis Ceate Egret Ardeidae 25 LC map Casmecodius Great Egret Ardeidae 25 LC albus map Ixobrychus Least Bittern Ardeidae 25 LC exlis map Nycticorax Black-Crowned Ardeidae 34 LC nycticcrox Night-Heron map Cathartes Turkey Cathartidae 35 LC aura Vulture map Falco Merlin Falconidae 35 LC cclumbarius map Falco American Falconidae 36 LC sparverous Kestrel map Accpiter Cooper's Hawk Accipitridae 36 LC cooporli map Accipiter North Goshawk Accipitridae 36 LC gentilis
Scientists consider many species among these to be threatened or in need of special protection, including: Peregrine Falcon, Red-tailed Hawk, Least Bittern, Great Blue Heron, Northern Pintail, Blue-Winged Teal, Northern Shoveler, American Widgeon, Northern Harrier, Harris' Hawk, Short-eared Owl, Cinnamon Teal, Redhead Duck, Least Sandpiper, Baird's Sandpipe and Wilson's Phalarope.
Taxon Total Percent Pied-billed Grebe 2,023 2.4 American White Pelican 1 <0.1 Cormorants 5,004 6.0 Anhinga 43 0.1 American Bittern 13 <0.1 Least Bittern 5 <0.1 Great Blue Heron 889 1.1 Great Egret 8,328 10.0 Snowy Egret 15,093 18.1 Little Blue Heron 11,167 13.4 Tricolored Heron 661 0.8 Reddish Egret 1 <0.1 Green Heron 89 0.1 Black-crowned Night-Heron 525 0.6 Yellow-crowned Night-Heron 1,406 1.7 White Ibis 8,850 10.6 Dark Ibis 4,492 5.9 Roseate Spoonbill 162 0.2 Wood Stork 175 0.2 Geese 8 <0.1 Ducks 6,514 7.8 Sora 92 0.1 Common Moorhen 4 <0.1 American Coot 10,007 12.0 Shorebirds ** 2,361 2.8 Gulls 2,927 3.5 Terns 1,802 2.2 Belted Kingfisher 243 0.3 * Total number observed was 83,335 birds.
Four of these species, the American Bittern, Least Bittern, Black-crowned Night-Heron, and Black Tern, are listed among Indiana's endangered species (Buskirk 1993).
Cienega de Santa Clara supports species such as the Yuma clapper rail (Rallus longirostris yumanensis) and least tern (Sterna antillarum), which are listed by Mexico as endangered, and the least bittern (Ixobrychus exilis) and elegant tern (Sterna elegans), which are listed by Mexico as threatened.