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adv. Chiefly Southern US
At least.


(ˈliːstˌweɪz) or


informal at least; anyway; at any rate



adv. Dial.
at least; at any rate; leastwise.
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Adv.1.leastways - if nothing else (`leastwise' is informal and `leastways' is colloquial); "at least he survived"; "they felt--at any rate Jim felt--relieved though still wary"; "the influence of economists--or at any rate of economics--is far-reaching"
colloquialism - a colloquial expression; characteristic of spoken or written communication that seeks to imitate informal speech


[ˈliːstweɪz] ADVde todos modos


adv (inf)zumindest, wenigstens
References in classic literature ?
We had reached Leastways Cottage, and Poirot ushered me upstairs to his own room.
Just fishes a little, to get money to get drunk on -- and loafs around considerable; but lord, we all do that -- leastways most of us -- preachers and such like.
But you're able to hear, I reckon; leastways, your ears is big enough.
Your aunt don't like ice-cream, I guess; leastways I never saw it on her table."
'You are disrespectable, sir,' said the Lord Mayor--'leastways, disrespectful I mean.'
'Leastways,' said John, stretching his hand across the tea-tray,
"Us two being now alone," resumed Joe, "and me having the intentions and abilities to stay not many minutes more, I will now conclude - leastways begin - to mention what have led to my having had the present honour.
I didn't like to interfere for it wasn't any of my business, but I knew they hadn't ought to be ridin' about that time of night, leastways not the girl--it wasn't right and it wasn't safe.
"I caught him just below the lock - leastways, what was the lock then - one Friday afternoon; and the remarkable thing about it is that I caught him with a fly.
'My advice, or, leastways, I should say, my ORDERS, is,' said the fattest man of the party, 'that we 'mediately go home again.'
'THAT ain't a state of things to be low about.--Not for YOU to be low about, leastways.'
She run off in de night some time -- nobody don't know jis' when; run off to get married to dat young Harney Shepherdson, you know -- leastways, so dey