leather carp

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Noun1.Leather carp - scaleless domestic carpleather carp - scaleless domestic carp    
Cyprinus carpio, domestic carp - large Old World freshwater bottom-feeding fish introduced into Europe from Asia; inhabits ponds and sluggish streams and often raised for food; introduced into United States where it has become a pest
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Things have been slow on the fishery's Specimen Lake but John Harris banked a 24.5lb leather carp when he used a cream and coffee flavoured boilie as bait and Anthony Needs caught a 16lb mirror
CONGRATULATIONS to carp angler Fiona Byers who travelled from her home in Dumfries to Italy to capture this massive leather carp from Lago Di Salasco.
In a hectic week with bite alarms going off by day and night, Peter caught plenty of fish including a 49lb mirror, 38lb 7oz koi carp, another mirror of 21lb 15oz, a 36lb 8oz mirror, a 38lb 2oz mirror, a common carp of 32lb 14oz and a leather carp of 28lb 8oz.
Elsewhere, Carlisle carp angler Dave Storey found himself the toast of the carp fishing world when he landed a staggering record-breaking 72lb leather carp from Tortue Lake in France.
Kathy Harvey, 54, from Tilgate, Sussex, is on the prize trail with a 14lb 5oz leather carp caught at nearby Copthorne lake.
Common carp, leather carp and mirror carp all came to the landing net.
Dan Rees landed a 29.75lb mirror; Martin Matthews had four to 26lb; Peter Thorne's best fish was a 30lb leather carp; Martin Thomas caught five mirrors to 24lb and Jamie Davies landed one of 23lb and a second that scaled 25lb.
Despite, the unseasonal weather, Carp are producing sport at various locations with Tim Weldon landing a cracking Leather Carp of 18lb 6oz from Stonebridge Carp Lake.
Martin Young of Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, wins an Aerial 12ft carp rod for a 7lb 14oz Norfolk lake bream and an Aerial 2000 fixed-spool reel goes to Alan Philpott, North London, for a 15lb leather carp from a Hertfordshire lake.
Len Downing's best was a 28.75lb mirror; Lee Calford landed five fish to 22lb and Andrew Cousins caught a 21.25lb leather carp.
- ALAN PHILPOTT, 50, from North London, stretched the elastic shock absorber on a 9-metre pole to hold a tearaway 15lb leather carp at a Hertfordshire lake in Waltham Cross.
The Half Round Pond is also turning up some hefty fish, the best a 21lb leather carp to Rhidian Jenkins.