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1. The dressed or tanned hide of an animal.
2. Any of various articles or parts made of dressed or tanned hide, such as a boot or strap.
3. The flap of a dog's ear.
tr.v. leath·ered, leath·er·ing, leath·ers
1. To cover wholly or in part with the dressed or tanned hide of an animal.
2. Informal To beat with a strap made of hide.
1. Made of, relating to, or resembling dressed or tanned animal hide.
2. Slang Of or relating to the wearing of leather, or patronized by people who wear leather, especially as a sexual fetish: a leather bar.

[Middle English lether, from Old English lether- (as in letherhose, leather pants).]
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Adj.1.leathered - resembling or made to resemble leather; tough but pliable
tough - resistant to cutting or chewing