Goods made of leather.
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like fashion designer Rhett Eala, accessories brand Adante Leyesa, bag makers Fino Leatherware and Lara, shoe artisan Ai-She and clothing label Tygie.
She indicated that Ambiente is boarded on three concepts, namely Dining, Giving and Living, and would exhibit products ranging from dining, cooking, gifts that appeal to the emotions, ornaments, leatherware, and other home accessories.
'By modernizing the fan and making it more relevant, you capture another market,' he said, showing one of his newest products, a small clutch with a built-in fan that he did for Fino Leatherware.
No trip to Istanbul would be complete without shopping for bargains, whether you're on the hunt for spices, nuts and sweets or leatherware, slippers and jewellery.
Running alongside the festivities, a traditional market and handicraft demonstrations of leatherware, glassware and knife production will be set up.
In addition to its usual attractions, there will be a traditional market and handicraft demonstrations of leatherware, glassware and knife production.
It has been used in wipes for computers, electronics, leatherware and china and as an absorbent cleaning wipe for the kitchen or bathroom.
Bulawayo Mining 11% Mines Pvt Ltd Filibeg Bulawayo Mining 5% Enterprises Pvt Ltd Fools Bulawayo Mining 10% Investments Pvt Ltd CMS Bulawayo Manufacturing 5% Leatherware Pvt Ltd Jumping Track Bulawayo Mining 10% Mining Company Sentinel Bulawayo Mining 26% Energies Pvt Ltd Sharity Bulawayo Mining 26% Invest, t/a Pinfore Mining African Trad.
Coronado Leather Co Inc 10/00 1059 Tierra Del Rey, Ste C Chula Vista CA 91910 619-216-9337 800-283-9509 619-216-9338 Fax www.coronadoleather.com Codes: JH, Concealment Leatherware
You'll find everything from horse feed, leatherware and bits from Jeffries, Caldene and Shires, to a full range of Thermatex rugs in an amazing colour range.
Per announcement today, the hE^2 “Second Skin” sale is being extended through February: Customers will save [pounds sterling]50.00 on select hE^2 leatherware purchases in the company's online fashion boutique.