Clothing made of leather.
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ANVEGLOSA is a contemporary women's fashion brand specialising in leatherwear.
The book has over 160 illustrations and features the fashions of the day such as flared trousers, satin blouses, double denim and leatherwear.
SHOP: The markets in Frejus are fun and colourful, with ceramics, art, leatherwear and fashions on the seafront, while the town centre market sells great wines and local produce.
The Chinese companies are now ready to take advantages from key sectors of agriculture, textiles, minerals, gemstones, marble and stoneware, leatherwear, food processing, sports goods and surgical instruments of Pakistan.
1 Per Each Taylors Leatherwear Jacket #g4450z With Zip Out Liner
Goldstein's business card lists his occupations as 'fashion, architecture, basketball', in that order; he has his own fashion line of outlandish leatherwear and wide-brimmed hats made from such materials as python or ostrich skin.
People who have not had the chance to see Radan's latest advert for Modern Leatherwear -- the superstar is pictured in a leather jacket, winking a little, his head lowered slightly -- are now out of luck.
Trend Wall" is the theme of the fair, highlighting Indian expertise in the design development of exquisite and high quality leatherwear from finished leather through leather products.
In addition to its usual attractions, there will be a traditional market and handicraft demonstrations of leatherwear, glassware and knife production.
Inspired by her favourites, look out for chic knitwear, classic tailoring and leatherwear.
The top 10 exports from Thailand to Cambodia are petroleum, engine and machinery, food and beverage, additives, chemicals, consumer goods, household goods, building materials, garment, and leatherwear.
Richard Goldner, a virtuoso viola player who had fled Vienna in 1939, as well, had initially been prevented from pursuing his musical career by the union and made his living by trading in leatherwear and jewellery.