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n. pl. lec·tion·ar·ies
A book or list of lections to be read at church services during the year.

[Medieval Latin lēctiōnārium, from Latin lēctiō, lēctiōn-, a reading; see lesson.]
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n, pl -aries
(Ecclesiastical Terms) a book containing readings appointed to be read at divine services
[C15: from Church Latin lectiōnārium, from lectio lection]
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(ˈlɛk ʃəˌnɛr i)

n., pl. -ar•ies.
a book or a list of lections for reading in a divine service.
[1770–80; < Medieval Latin lēctiōnārius]
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a list of the lections, or texts, to be read in church services through-out the canonical year.
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Another obstacle to decent permanent missals was the decision in the 1970s by the Canadian liturgical authority to change some of the translations in the Canadian edition of the Lectionary so as to render "unapproved" any foreign lectionary, and thereby force pastors to buy the edition published by the same authority.
A congregation I know recently decided that preaching the lectionary is the mark of an orthodox minister; yet, as the authors of this book point out, the three-year lectionary excludes entire books of the Bible and significant parts of other books that -- shall I say it?
Most of the foregoing observations belong in the study (or perhaps in a Bible class on the lectionary), not the sermon itself.
Scripture is proclaimed on Sunday according to a schedule of passages called a lectionary. For Roman Catholics it is the Lectionary for Mass and for many other Western churches, the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL).
"The liturgical life and the lectionary and everything moves so much more slowly (than what they are accustomed to outside)," she said.
WHEN THE NEW LECTIONARY for the United States comes out sometime before Ash Wednesday 2002, the numbering of the set of Lectionary books will be changed.
On November 29, 1998, Volume I of a new Lectionary for Mass went into effect in the United States.
It is finally, then, the Isaiah passage (65: 17-25) that, read in the context of the lectionary, takes the Easter event and its meaning for humanity and sublimely projects them on a cosmic screen.
And as the church wisely notes in the Lectionary for Mass, "In the celebration of the liturgy, the Word of God is not voiced in one way nor does it stir the hearts of the hearers with the same power.
Like its predecessor, Seasons of the Spirit is produced by Wood Lake Books, a British Columbia publisher of religious books and resources, and it is built around the lectionary. In other words, the activities and readings of the curriculum follow the weekly readings of the church, according to the church's three-year cycle.
bishops shared concerns about certain New Testament readings on women that the Irish bishops recommended be omitted from their new Lectionary, said a U.S.
The Catholic Bishops of Canada adopted this Bible for their new edition of the Roman Lectionary published in 1992, but failed to request the necessary Vatican approval.