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A biological specimen or other element that is selected as the type specimen when a holotype was not originally designated.

[From Greek lektos, chosen (from legein, to choose; see leg- in Indo-European roots) + type.]

lec′to·typ′ic (-tĭp′ĭk) adj.


(Biology) biology a specimen designated as the type specimen for a particular species
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Kurtz 5865 (Lectotype, here designated: CORD 00003381!; B[dagger] [photo F Neg.
Lectotype. TUG 1552-2, fragment of the branchial plate, Tori, Parnu River, Estonia, Middle Devonian, Eifelian, Parnu RS, Tori Mb; Preobrazhensky 1911, pl.
Mus., Berlin/Tettigonia intertitialis [sic] Sign.; 3 types [female]: same data except 1 specimen with Lectotype, D.A.
New synonymy of Bruchus podagricus Fabricius and Bruchus crotonae Fahraeus, with a lectotype designation and a new combination for B.
Veracruz, Pital, vicinities of Rio Nautla, Liebmann 55 (lectotype: C!).
Measurements and counts are presented in species descriptions as the range for all material examined, followed by the value for the holotype, lectotype, or neotype in parentheses, when intraspecific variation is indicated.
Lectotype: NHMUK R2a, several articulated plates corresponding to the fourth to sixth neurals, the nearly complete fourth left costal, and the medial region of the fifth pair of costals (Fig.
34) as the lectotype (lectotypus hoc loco) of the name Asplenienalia lanceolato-obovati Loisel 1970, the correct name for the alliance being the name Asarinion rupestre (Br.-Bl.
Lectotype (by present designation): male Georgia: Mtsheta, Armazi Gorge NW Tbilisi, with the original label: "Caucasus, Mechet, Wawoz armarski, 28-IV-1918, leg.
Lectotype (examined): [SOUTH AFRICA: Eastern Cape:] 'Algoa Bay [33[degrees]40'S 25[degrees]50'E], Capland, Dr.
olivaceum female (lectotype of Rhicnoderma glabra Bruner) Pozo Azul no number 50.95 21.5 4.64 4.63 3.52 Means 46.58 20.92 4.38 4.78 3.51 Rhicnoderma olivaceum male (lectotype of Rh.
male genitalia); Fox, 1948: 25 (notes); Barbosa, 1952: 16 (notes on Lutz collection); Wirth & Blanton, 1956: 319 (redescr., male lectotype design., distrib.); Forattini et al.