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A biological specimen or other element that is selected as the type specimen when a holotype was not originally designated.

[From Greek lektos, chosen (from legein, to choose; see leg- in Indo-European roots) + type.]

lec′to·typ′ic (-tĭp′ĭk) adj.


(Biology) biology a specimen designated as the type specimen for a particular species
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Note: This is a transcription of releve reference number 97, Table XII, Samek 1973, which constitutes the lectotype (Art.
11, fig 6 (male lectotype and four male paralectotypes from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Tijuca, Therezopolis, deposited in MNHN--Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle de Paris, France, not examined); Simon 1901: 392, 396; Mello-Leitao 1943: 221; Galiano 1962: 68, pl.
However, this is an error as this specimen needs to be considered as a lectotype according to Art.
Discussion: These fragments come from the same locality as the Lusotitan atalaiensis lectotype, and the preservation is similar.
In addition to qualitative resemblances, the few measurements that we were able to take from the lectotype of angustidens all fall within the range of variation seen in the topotypic series of serrensis.
Validity of the Gerreids fish, Gerres macracanthus Bleeker,1854,with designation of a lectotype and designation of a neotype for Gerres filamentosus Cuvier, 1829.
As Matthew (1910) did not select a holotype, we here select specimen NBMG 3041 and its counterpart NBMG 3043 as the lectotype with specimen and designate NBMG 3042 as a paralectotype.
A three-specimen syntype series has been recognized (USNM-PAL 7119), but Meek (5) identified a type specimen, representing his choice of a lectotype.