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adj. leer·i·er, leer·i·est
Suspicious or distrustful; wary: was leery of aggressive salespeople.

leer′i·ly adv.
leer′i·ness n.
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Lack of trust:
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Worse, in some cases, we do know that what we want to call sexual liberty was really a kind of lecherous leeriness. And yet, we have looked the other way.
Also, there's a leeriness on the part of business leaders because Trump can get very angry, populist and critical of business pricing -- drug prices in particular.
Even with possible FDA leeriness toward cannabis and cannabinoid-based drugs, I'd opine that it'll have a hard time turning away Epidiolex given the strength of its late-stage data.
Stevens, (170) Chief Justice Roberts expressed leeriness of overly broad executive discretion.
However given Arlt's migrant background--the son of a Prussian father and an Italian mother--his penchant for recording his own experiences and his interactions with those who inhabited the streets and margins of the city, along with his leeriness of the past, a distinct appreciation of the silla emerges from the shadows of the peripheries and juxtaposes itself against the trite and commonplace understanding of the chair as understood by cultural nationalists.
Although the Supreme Court evinces persistent leeriness of expanding the availability of damages actions against federal officials in new contexts, (70) the Bivens remedy remains a hardy perennial in the lower courts.
Dipstick: Lipstick, there you go again-"human consciousness is expanding." How about, my leeriness about this service is expanding!
I was not one of those men, and my leeriness about them piqued when one particular reenactor, the purest of the purists, gained renown in our little corner of the world for soaking his uniform buttons in urine to give them just the right patina.
Experiments such as these can draw controversy--the public has an obvious leeriness of animals or people coming back from the dead--but their findings could truly make the difference between life and death in future motorcycle accidents, combat injuries, and other cases of emergency-room patients suffering from catastrophic blood loss or organ failure.
Their leeriness was only exacerbated by the exchanges' faulty launch in the fall.
(107) The 2011 "de-selection" of U.S.-made F-16 and F/A-18 jets for India's fleet was in part attributed to this strain of leeriness. Many Indians are concerned that, in a time of crisis, U.S.